Xyngular Review – Amazying or Not?


Xyngular Mantra

What is it about Xyngular that captures your attention and makes you want to be a part of this global company?

Is it the money or the results of the products? Do you want to make money? How about lose weight?

(picture from Xyngular.com)

Let us review Xyngular in a manner to help us decide if this company can meet your expectations and help you succeed with your goals.

Have you ever tried MLM before? Is this opportunity right for you? Or do just want to use the products?

This company may not deserve the hype it receives. Or maybe it does?

So what is Xyngular? And why do some feel it is so Amaxyng when they use its product?

I want you to be able to make a game changing decision at the end of this review as to whether you should drink the Kool-Aid they are selling or to have the knowledge to stay away from their Not so Kool aid

So let us check their Better Business Bureau status... according to the BBB they rank as a B+  and it also mentions that they are not accredited with the BBB.

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Their products are weight loss directed with health benefit claims they tout. These supplements are reported for helping with anti-oxidant support, daily health support, fat loss, appetite control, thermogenic, suppress stress eating, calorie mitigation, gut support, nighttime craving suppresser, snack replacement, recovery support, and healthy aging.

Between the website and associate reviews, some of their claims say that their products can help not only weight loss, but some disease like diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure as some examples.

Can this be true for a non FDA approved supplement? Or is it the result of the weight loss in general that would have happened anyways?

That would be my guess, as a person practicing medicine for the last few years. I believe any time someone eats better and exercises they will feel better overall and most supplements are not necessary and only increase the value of your urine that you are flushing down the toilet.

However any time there is a call to action that motivates people to move their body and eat healthier in my mind this is better than sitting on the couch and watching TV. I know people in my local community that have seen results with this while others are still trying.

Does Xyngular Work?

What determines a person’s success with this weight loss product or any other? Probably desire to change whatever the situation that is causing the problems, discomfort or pain.

They may have looked to medicine or something else for an answer and did not find it, but with group support and belief people can amaze themselves with weight loss results that may have never happened in a traditional sense.

There is power in numbers and then the belief and hope for a better day can change people to act. But there must be consistent and persistent action!

Nothing will change it we do not make a daily effort to improve any situation.

So does this product work? I stated earlier that I have seen friends have a complete and total transformation and lose a lot of weight and change their life completely.
I have also seen it not work with family members.

Knowing the people that have made it work and not made it work, I can say the difference was the determination to change their lives. They desired to follow the supplement plan and drink the potions and take the pills and powder with a belief that life would change.

They also modified their diet and started moving more and as the change occurred so did their results.

As for those that have not had results, they continue doing the same thing and expecting different results. In their mind they are waiting for the change to happen and not making the change within themselves.

Just like any success story a person must take action daily!

So to ask if this product works I say you must look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are willing to follow the directions and make the necessary change after putting in the hard work.

Cost Ingredients & Product Review

Cost tends to be a major factor for many people as this product can be cost prohibitive for some people. Others see it as investment in their health and choose to eat less food or snacks.

It appears that if you are willing to take this supplement you may first need to have a new mindset and understand what your dietary and financial goals are.

Product cost price list click link

After reviewing this price sheet I can understand where people can view this product as cost prohibitive, however, if person has a need and can fulfill that need with these products, the benefits may out way the cost.

There are people that are changing their health and wealth with the proper mindset and not looking at the affordability. Just as one person may get another job to have money to pay for health insurance the same person may get another job to be able to afford the product which may help the with health and wealth.

Affordability is a matter of perspective and people that reap rewards from the product will continue to do what it takes to pay for the product.

Are these supplements worth the price? Personally, I do not think so at this time or I would have purchased them already, but my mind may change.

I think a person’s time is better spent counting calorie intake and increasing calorie burn. I tell my patients every day that they need to follow this mathematical equation daily and they will lose weight. It is not as easy as taking some potion, powder or pill, but it is the proven tried and true method.

Xyngular may serve as a motivator to help kick start someone just like a weight loss FDA approved drug can do, but just like we all make goals at the beginning of the new year to lose weight and become healthier and then by March or April a lot of people have de committed to their goals.

The same thing can happen with most MLM associates and no different for this company, they may fall by the wayside and stop taking consistent daily action.
For Xyngular Ingredients check out this product link

After reviewing the ingredients they appear to be multiple combinations of supplemental vitamins and minerals in various mixtures

Some of these products I am familiar with while others I lack the knowledge. One ingredient in particular that I noticed and I have heard people complain about is Niacin. This is in the Axiom blend product.

We all need niacin in our diet in fact we need to intake between 2-18mg per day depending if you are a child, adult, or pregnant woman.

So this ingredient is not toxic for the body in proper amount however like anything else if you abuse any drug or supplement there can be a reaction and for Niacin it tends to be a flushing of the skin which can cause a prickly tingling sensation.

Now even if you do not have toxic amounts in your body remember that any drug or supplement can cause a reaction to someone. Just because it does cause a reaction for you does not mean it will for the entire population.

What is niacin? Check out this link explaining it in further detail

There are other extracts that may affect your health, and I advise you consult your health provider to make sure it is right for you.

I am a believer in moderation of all things

See Products Kits below

Xyngular starter

(picture from Xyngular.com)

They first have Starter Kits which include
• Xyngular Ignite Kit
• Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit
• Xyngular Business Builder Kit

Xyngular transformation

(picture from Xyngular.com)

They also have Transformation Kits Pictures
• Xyngular Weight Loss Kit
• Xyngular Energy Kit
• Xyngular Wellness Kit

Each one of the kits are a little bit different but in the end they are designed to help with sales of the business and weight loss for the consumer.

The Ultimate Transformation Kit appears to have all the products in one and is recommend for the serious associate to get started. It has powders, potions, and pills. The website has the recommendation of how much to each as well I am sure the directions come attached to each supplement bottle.

As for the other kits in the starter portion they have a fraction of the products

It sounds like they are selling what people are buying or in other words if people want health and wealth they have packaged that in a bottle or package and said this I what you can have if you take these supplements and follow the process.

In the business of weight loss and making money it seems to be a numbers game like anything in sales. But does it not get old after a few network marketing ventures? And what are your odds of making it with any MLM?

Like I said earlier you should check out the video of my friend Brad who is a seven figure MLM earner and see what he is doing now and the kind of money he brings in with a much better and more reputable home based business that will have your clients thanking you for your services.
Just think no more home parties, 3 way calls, calling all friends and family, star-buck meet up, or leaving your business card on every car in Walmart or Home Depot parking lot.

Side Effects

What are the side effects? Well to better understand them it is important to have reviewed the ingredient list, so refer to the ingredient list noted above (internal link)

We also may need to review what side effect people may have experienced as every person is different.

Also note that like most if not all supplement companies, Xyngular is not approved by the FDA therefore you must use your own judgement.

It has been difficult to find unbiased results of side effects through this review process. Those motivated to gain money seem to say they have not seen any side effects while those cynical about the product may just be cynics in general and believe that nothing like this works.

What I can tell you is that there are even drugs that are FDA approved medical drugs that can be bad for you depending on your health status. Since I personally have not tried these supplements I cannot give a personal account. And like certain side effects we may not encounter until 5-10 years down the road which may be too late.

This is a part of the health and wealth in this world. We must learn to choose what is best for our health. Yet we may not always know what the positive and negative effects may be.

I am interested in trying these supplements, but not yet sure, that I will ever do it.

The side effect I do see happening is a reaction from Niacin as in excess amounts a person can have a dermatological reaction which may cause a flushing of the skin and there can be a tingling or prickly skin sensation.

On the other hand if you lack Niacin it may result in nausea, vomiting, anemia, or pellagra due to vitamin deficiency.

So remember to use these supplements with caution and realize that there are supplements to your diet and not additives in the idea that you do not use them as extra meals but as replacements to unhealthy snacks or lack in nutrition.

 Is Xyngular Safe?

The safety for this product is dependent on some variables. Your current health status, how often you use the supplements, and what other supplements, drugs, or alcohol a person is in taking.

Most things in moderation is the necessary way to think. Remember to consult your health care provider to understand if this product is safe for you. Not all supplements are bad, just like not all prescription drugs are good for you.

How to make Money with Xyngular

It appears to be like most other MLM companies although the tout a better way. Below is list of how you earn money:
• Retail Sales
• Rapid Rewards
• Quick Start Bonus
• Residual Earning (uni-level commissions)
• 12% Corporate Sales Pool
Click here to see the  detailed  compensation plan

The key points that I want to highlight besides what is mentioned above
• Rapid Rewards has been doubled for the first 4 levels
• The uni-level structured commissions- paid on product purchase anywhere on 8 levels
• Corporate sales pool 12% share of all Xyngular volume
• Dynamic Compression- if an associate stops participating they will sent to the bottom and eventually removed if no activity after period of time.

How Xyngular Started

Marc Walker is Co- Founder and President, small town farm boy from Idaho, left his roots to expand his opportunities from living on a farm and now loves what he does in the MLM arena.
Marc likes to see progress with others and as they begin their journey and find success along the way.

Marc Walker has a past with multi-level marketing companies like most founders or executive team members. Most members of the executive team usually network and recruit away a team from some other network marketing business that has capped out or faded away and they want to ride another financial wave into the sunset through the network marketing pathway.

Marc, formerly an executive with Xango where he reportedly helped increase their sales by 500% over 4 years. He realized to be successful as he left Xango that he would need to surround himself with a great support team to take this company in different direction and try to increase the compensation benefits for associates so that they would feel well compensated and desire to promote this supplement business for the long term.

After evaluating other critiques of what others report about this company one interesting note is that Xyngular is very similar to the once strong Xango MLM. The main difference is noted in how associates are compensated and that even new entry level associates can make great money and there are no super associates that outpace the rest of the company, so in other words more equality.

So, just like he states in his bio on the website Marc is a man of action not just talk.

Final Thoughts

I have a childhood friend that is doing very well financially with this company but she has had to go through a lot of people to make it to where she is now, also she has had to sacrifice a lot with her family and time traveling at meet and greets and trainings. And even though she is a local star in the community she finds it difficult to lead a normal life and her family suffers.
I know that this does not sound bad, especially to those of us that want to be financially secure, just remember everything has a price and we must pay it to obtain our desires. Without going into more details let me just say that I would not want to be in her situation when I know that there is a better way for someone to make money like my friend Brad has shown you in the video

Check it out if you are still reading this and have not seen the video yet.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review as I have spent time trying to help you understand this opportunity that may be able to help your wealth and health. Only you can determine if this will happen. Action is necessary and as you make a decision you will need to face yourself and determine which results you want.

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