Traffic Authority – Does This Work?

So, you're looking up reviews for any legit information on Traffic Authority, correct?

Let me enlighten you about this 'Traffic Authority' MLM.

Am I in this MLM...No.

Have I been in any MLMs.....Yes.

Have I made money in MLMs....Yep, actually made 6-figures in the last MLM I was in.

Why am I not in any MLM any longer?

I'll explain below, along with my partners, Brad & Jason.

Traffic Authority - Does This Work?

traffic authority

So, after my research I have found that there really is one main purpose of Traffic Authority and that is to encourage others to sign up for the Infinite Leverage platform.

Well, of course this is their main purpose, that's what MLMs are really about, right...

So, let's move on to this Traffic Authority Stuff.

So, to start you can spend as little as $27 a month on mediocre trainings. They then have 'worth while' traffic packages anywhere from $220 on up to $8000. So, once your referral or you do this, the person on top earns money.

This is obviously not a good choice to get into this MLM, due to this is just a system that repeats itself over and over again for the TOP people.

Need to Buy First before Promoting the Products

Yep, buy before promoting every product. I mean that does makes sense, however, with such low commissions, why not buy into an online system whereas you keep everything and it's all yours, right? And we continue to help you DAILY forever! CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about...

Remember, if you want to make money with this MLM program (which is the reason you're in it) you have to buy the product first before being able to sell it for a lousy dinky commission.

Lemme tell you the two ways you can earn money at Traffic Authority. With these two types of products inside:

  • Click Brilliance ($27/month = with $20 commissions)
  • Cost Per Click Traffic ($220 – $8000 = with 50% commissions)

Traffic Packages, however the Diamond Package has not been update as of this writing.

traffic authority

Again, you can only promote it after they are purchased by you.

Let's say you purchase the $220 basic traffic package, now you are qualified to sell only it. If you want to sell the Diamond package (which is $8k), you have to spend $8000, and then it applies to all of the products.

There is a second choice for you and that is if you do not buy any of the packages, If this is your choice, then you have to sell and pass the commissions to your upline THREE times! Only after you do that, are you able to earn commissions from the next sales.

Okay, really?

Again, if you want a sustainable online business where YOU get all the monies month after month check us out. Here's Brad letting all know what we do to make the thousands of dollars we make month after month.

Here's how our Job Killing works:

Needless to say, the second choice is not a smart one by any means. Unless you want to be paying your upline only!

Bottom line, this will never be an advantage for you, in fact, this company is smart in ripping off everyone.

Be careful, don’t get played by the gimmicks especially if you are a newbie.

What about their hyped-up sales video? I'm sure you know most of their promises are misleading and false.  Do you really believe you will get high quality traffic through this system? If so, then why wouldn't the company buy the traffic package themselves instead of you buying their products?

Take a look at some of the success stories inside Job Killing. See for yourself that this online business has over 60% success with their students! HUGE SUCCESSES.....compared to the measly and sleazy 2% of MLMS! Wouldn't you say so too....


So, back to Traffic Authority.

Lemme tell you what their doing and that is most of their trainings are made to suck your money dry. You will be asked to spend money for traffic packages that are ranging from $220 (Basic) to $8000 (Diamond), which would be fine if it was true.

Another aspect that annoyed me was the following so called FREE-stuff.  Just not so.

Here's a screenshot I took from their sales video:

traffic authority

What it basically means is, after earning your hard earned money, you need to reinvest it into the Infinite Leverage package. Then if any chances you make more, then just buy the higher level of traffic offered. I personally think that this is an unethical method to be successful in any online business.

I would have to question the validity of this system, whether the click you get is robot generated or real people.

Bottom Line, if you want traffic, we know how to get traffic!

This will be your own business, not another MLM or not another affiliate!

This is the real deal to finally kill that job of yours.

If you're serious and want to make a real online business work for you and your family, all you have to do is go HERE.

Whatever you chose to do, we wish you the very best,
Maria Galloway, Jason Rusk & Brad Campbell