What Top MLM Network Marketing Companies Trending

Well, that's a decent question to ask. Are you looking to finally make money online with an MLM? Do you believe in your heart you can make money with an MLM Network Marketing Company? The facts are that with all MLMs, only 1 to 2% of the people who did join an MLM, were making any amount of money.

Hey, if you're that good and will be in the top 2%, by all means, go for it.

Otherwise, check out what our business partner says in the below video. Be sure and watch it and then you can thank us later (Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk).

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What Top MLM Network Marketing Companies Trending

Alright, let me tell you all the facts on what Top MLM Network Marketing Companies are all about.

Our multi-level-marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing money-making system is known worldwide today. In 2015, we can not argue on the fact that MLMs employee people worldwide, most in our beautiful USA.

We get hit with hundreds upon hundreds of questions regarding what is in store for the MLM network marketing industry for 2015 and beyond?

That's a question literally nobody can answer with 100% surety. However, going by our past decades of the network marketing community, there are trends and that's what we are going to talk about here for our 2015 and beyond.

As we can say with 100% surety, change is forever and you can always count on change happening. Let's take a look are some of the new trends in 2015 for the entire MLM industry.

The top MLM network marketing companies for the year of 2015 and the up and coming years are many, unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people will get caught up in them, pay their hard-earned money, and then stop trying due to the enormous recruiting that they HAVE to do in order to make a decent amount of money!

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Here's a list of the Top MLM Network Marketing Companies for 2015:

  1. Forever Living - Their products are based on wellness and health, a network marketing business which is currently working in over 155 countries as of today. Forever Living's line of products are aloe vera based such as beverages, a few cosmetics, good nutritional supplements, along with a few personal care items. They were founded by a guy named Rex Maughan in 1978 in Tempe, Arizona.
  2. Avon - This is a multi-level marketing/direct sales business which sells all kinds of products, such as beauty items, household items and a great line of personal care products also. Avon brings in over $9 billion in worldwide sales yearly. They have over 6.5 million sales reps worldwide. Huge company and was started by a bookseller by the name of David H. McConnell in 1886. Yes, that long ago and it was originally to empower 'women' and this was way before women could even vote. Corporate office is located in New York City and has over 33,000 sales reps.
  3. Shaklee - This multi-level network marketing company began in 1956. their line of products are over 200 nutritional items, great skin care products, and their line of home care products too. They bring in about $845 million dollars worldwide each year. Shaklee actually is number ten on the top 50 list of MLM companies for this year of 2015. Supposedly, Shaklee has made two thousand of its members millionaires. Commissions that have been paid out are well over the 6 billion dollar range.
  4. Arbonne - Another direct sales company which was founded by Petter Morck. this is definitely in the beauty and health industries. Arbonne has over 50 million people working for then worldwide as sales representatives. Their annual sales for this past year was about $485 million dollars. It started in Switzerland in 1975. They now have their headquarters in California since the 1980's. they do claim that all their products are all inspired naturally and they can prove it scientifically.
  5. NuSkin - This is a MLM network marketing company and is out of Provo, Utah. They were created in the year of 1984. NuSkin sells dietary supplements as well as personal care items. They now have sales reps in Asia and Canada. In the early 1990s, they ran into some of the regular problems that all MLMs deal with and that is that the FTC stated NuSkin had violated many laws by overstating their earned income.  By paying a 6-figure settlement to the FTC, signing a legal document whereas they can not make efficacy claims on their products any longer. They also had to completely stop saying false statements that new consultants can earn so much money with them.
  6. Amway - Since 1959 with its first product, Amway is seen as the worldwide leader in all the beauty and health MLM network marketing companies.They are based out of Michigan with an A+ fating. Amway's products have everything from laundry detergent all the way to eye care, lip care and even weight-loss shakes. Their goal is to assist others to have their own business. To give them access to all their products as well.
  7. Nature's Sunshine - They were created in 1972 by the Hughes family which incorporated a system for encapsulating the herb 'capsicum'. Nature's Sunshine was the first-ever business to do this. With over 600 items, they brought in about $367 million this year worldwide. They currently have a research facility in Spanish Fork, UT. They are basically a multi-level weight loss/detox marketing business. Thery are operating in the USA and also in Europe.
  8. Melaleuca - Today Melaleuca has become a multi-million dollar business. They currently are doing business in 17 countries. they bring in over $244 million worldwide. They have been involved int his wellness and health industry since 1985. Frank VanderSloot is the founder of Melaleuca and wanted to help people's financial dreams. They are currently in over 15 countries worldwide. At this time, the headquarters are in Idaho.
  9. Oriflame - Oriflame is markets beauty and skincare that was originally created in 1967 in Sweden. In over 60 countries OriFlame has approximately 8,000 sales reps. Generating about $1.70 billion yearly, they sell the cosmetic products. What's different with this MLM is that their Oriflame websites are not functional in the United States, only the UK website can be used for both the UK and the US.
  10. Mary Kay - This MLM operates as a multi-level network marketing/direct sales business which offers skin care and cosmetics. Of course, the MLM is named after its founder Mary Kay Ash. Since 1963, this MLM has been thriving. Her son is currently the chairman, Richard Rogers. They now generate over $4 billion worldwide every year and growing. The headquarters is in Addison, Texas, while its manufacturing plant is in Dallas, Texas. They also have a pretty big manufacturing site in China as well.

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