Who the heck are Jason and Maria, anyway?

Hey Everyone! Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk here. We are the two owners of this site and we're going to give you some information and background on just who we are!

Hi there, name is Maria Galloway and I am from the beautiful Southern California area. So, let's see, a little about me. Well, I was told to do the 'norm', ya know go to school, get good grades, graduate, do college, get a great job, be sure and save 10%, invest in the stock market, save your 401k, slash your credit cards, clip some coupons...lol....then, maybe just maybe, one day when you're like 65, you will be living rich! Wrong! Lemme tell you the real story and that is, yes I did graduate from high school. I then went on to Court-Reporting Technical School and did not graduate (was just not for me), went on to New Horizons Computer Learning Center and yes, I did graduate with a Certified Novell Administrators License. I learned that I loved technology, computers and fixing people's problems.

Maria Galloway

Now, with that said above, I was hired at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as their Budget Analyst and loved it. Worked with the entire sales force for the Southern California region. Fixed the budget for them and learned a tremendous amount of people skills, computer skills and not to mention how to make money.

Well, as time went on my 'entrepreneurial' side of me kept whispering in my ear to stop working for others and work for myself (actually, that whisper became an outright 'screaming' in my ear). After all, I had the skills, so why not I thought to myself. So, long story short, I started looking into the Internet. It was all so new to everyone, yet I embraced it like my own child. Absolutely, loved it and I went for it!

Took a severance pay at Pfizer and started working from home. I started as a Loan Officer from home and just did not enjoy that for the most part. Due to, in the end, I didn't feel like I was really helping others and that was my calling to help others start their own business from home. I mean I helped them with a loan for a mortgage, yes, but I really wanted to help them more than with just a mortgage. I wanted to help as many as I could to grow financially.

I then went from MLM to MLM and boy let me just tell you, I didn't like what I found in all of the MLM's I financially got into. Yes, most of the products are good and useful, but if you want to make serious money by growing a downline, you had better make sure that all of your downline will work as hard as you! Well, that just doesn't happen. I found a much better, easier and faster way to make money from home WITHOUT chasing your family and friends! Without having home-meetings and looking at everyone as a potential customers (victims...lol). Again, please know I'm not putting down any MLM, the products are good, sometimes even great, but to build a downline, honestly, it is very hard and time-consuming and the stats on a successful MLM business owner is something like 1% make it to a decent financial status! Ugly stats huh...

Well, back to what I'm here for and that is, I truly wanted to make a difference, bottom line! So, this is where I'm at today. I have a few businesses and one of them is this informative blog. In 2013, I met two International Lead Generation Specialists. Enrolled in their training, which is on-going, and I'm now considered a lead generation specialist. Over the past year, I have helped hundreds of businesses grow their customer base by my lead generation skills. I now am also helping others to do exactly what I do and that is to work from home (or anywhere in the world for that matter), consulting others on how to grow their businesses and become financially free! This is all done WITHOUT chasing family and friends! In fact, all my customers absolutely love me, instead of running from me, they run to me! Now, wouldn't you just love to do this also?

So, this past year, I met Jason Rusk at one of our lead generation conferences in Las Vegas and we developed a business connection immediately. We talked about how we could partner and develop others, through this blog, to help other small businesses grow and totally dominate their particular local market. With Jason and I joining forces, we are now showing others how to do exactly what we do! Again, we want to help as many people as we can in this economy of ours!

Both Jason and I now have extensive experience in the local lead generation. We aspire to help as many local business owner's as possible and/or aspiring consultant's that want to learn the skills to become a financially-set happy lead generation specialist.

That leads me to introduce to you, my business partner and friend, Jason...


Hello there,

My name is Jason

A little or a lot about me. You decide what part you want to read.

Have you been told you are a dreamer? That you do not conform with the rest of society’s norms when it comes to working or ideas of how work should be? Are you told by others like I was, go get a job make it a career, save money, retire, and then well you know the rest.

Bio Pic

Ok so like Maria, I graduated high school! Then took 2 years off before going to college for a service mission in Brazil. Came back decided life in the Military would be my saving grace to pay for school. After 3 deployments and 10 years I ended up with a Psychology degree that would get me where? Manager at some retail chain or Project Manager at SkyWest Airlines (the flight benefits were great by the way). During this ten year trek and before I made a decision to go back to become a Physician Assistant, I tried multiple MLM’s and always found that although you can make money it is not lifestyle I want and can I say my friends are family where scared to talk to me.

Do not misinterpret, I have a friend killing it in the MLM world, and after a year in the rat race as a PA, I realized I needed a change. Yes I make good money but it is not just about the money. I want the freedom to work anywhere I want and make the schedule I want. So restarted researching MLM’s again to find the best way, and maybe something that would do well like my friend. We’ll I found it. Two gracious money makers decided to teach me. I learned the process and now I am building a great business serving my local community helping attract customers to their business. I add value to their business and they add value to my net worth and then I do it again! Friends and family like me. They want to know what I do and do business with me.

I have found the answer and want to show you just how you can do the same. Whether you work the white collar job or blue collar job or in transition like I have been numerous times. Maria and I have the answer to show you how helping other companies succeed with local lead generations. So let us help you do the same for your local community, friends and family.