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Quintessential Biosciences Review

Can you Truly Live Life exponentially with Q Sciences?

Q Sciences is relatively new network marketing company that was launched two years back by Daren Hogge and Marc Wilson.

Marc Wilson was a former NFL Quarterback who won a few Superbowl rings with New England Patriots and after that he moved up in his career to become a full time real estate owner.

Daren Hogge, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Q Sciences and has over 25 years in the network marketing industry. Daren has been involved with the Direct Sales for over 25 years and helps the company grow from a few million a month to over tens of millions.

The Science and medical board have highly qualified individuals with some astounding backgroundswho understand how to develop new innovative, cutting-edge formulas and can create proprietary technology that is the best.

Along with Daren Hogge, Tim Hough, Marmion Harrington, Colby Greene, Monet Montemayor, andNick Evans are the ones who are in the executive level in the company. QSciences specializes in thehealth and wellness products that can nourish the body with complexnutrition.

Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) promotes nutritional supplements for pets and people a like. Q Sciences website informs that they have serviced more than 80,000 clients with

Its products According to founder Marc Wilson,

“Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) started with the founding principle that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could create a GREAT Company” - a company that could truly make a difference in improving Quality of Life for people throughout theworld.

Q Science Products Review

Every other network marketing company has a variety of products that helps

in increasing the demand and trust from the consumers. According to Q Science, their products are well researched and has high quality of ingredients. According to their website, Formulas are based on research; we source the highest quality ingredients, and offer innovative technology in delivery and efficacy. Our environment with its toxins and each of our stressful lives leave us depleted. We must purify, optimize, and protect both mind and body for utter fulfillment.

Q Science has following major products currently available in the market:

1. EMpowerPlus Q96

Q Sciences

EMpowerPlus Q96 helps in relaxing the brain. It helps in hoping, clearing out the thoughts. Q Sciences product is called Q96 and it was originally formulated and sold in Canada. The product EMPowerplus Q96 is to assist with feeling well, vitality, and improving health. To make the grip in the market, Q Science's EMPowerplus Q96 comes in a 7 day trial size pack which allows the user to take the Q96 and test on their own before getting their hands on the bigger package.

2. Qssentials Family: Qssentials is Q Sciences multi-vitamin that helps in nourishing the body. The product is currently available for both male and female.

3.EMpowerplus Q96 (Berries & Banana): This product is similar to EMpowerplus Q96 but the only difference is, this product is available in powder form.  It’s a tasty powdered formula that is easy and fast to consume especially for kids and adults who do not like to swallow pills.

4.QBiotics: With over 2 billion live probiotic bacteria, QBiotics helps in keeping the stomach in good health.

5.Q Amino Acids: With a wide variety of amino acids, Q Amino Acids helps in absorption and muscle building

6.Q Vitalize: Q Sciences’ Q Vitalize is designed to promote the energy and vitality of the hu

man body. The product is currently available in four different varieties:

a.Q Vitalize for Men

b.Q Vitalize for Women

c.Q Vitalize (With Caffeine)

d.Q Vitalize (Caffeine Free)

7.QSprays: QSprays provides Vitamin D in the body.8.QSleep: QSleep is recommended to all those people who have trouble falling asleep.Q Sciences also provides financial building support, core wellness supplements, the science of happiness, financial wealth, and quintessential biosciences.

Q Sciences’ Company Selling Points:

1.Earn Free Products

2.Travel Rewards Program

3.Car Program

4.Lifestyle Bonuses: Monthly Car Allowance, Debt Reduction Plan,Health InsuranceBonus

Q Sciences’ Company Education:

1.Personal Website

2.Virtual Web Office

3.Business Materials and Training


Q Science's Compensation Plan Review:

If one wants to make money from home with the Q Sciences Compensation Plan as a distributor, one has to first need to sign up and join as Independent Business Owner (IBO). T he joining fees of Q Science is $99.95, after paying almost $100 one get a business kit along with the information and training material to get one started.

The kit provided by Q Sciences at the time of joining gets a personal website and web office, a ProPay card for commission payments, a company welcome pack and a pack of EMPowerplus Q96 supplements. The activation fees is waived with an initial order of $1500 (1500 PV). All the Independent Business Owners are required to earn a minimum of 240 PV monthly and at the same time they all are given a wide selection of business training and support materials to help them grow their new businesses at the current market.  It is not mandatory for Independent Distributors to be on the company’s authorship program as long as all of them are willing to place a qualifying order to ensure them all eligible to receive earned commissions. All the preferred customers are given the ability to enjoy all t he products at the wholesale rate with the enrolment in the monthly program. These customers also qualify for the free product programs and can redeem points for future references.

The company benefits to being a part of Q Sciences are:

1.Retail Sales Profit

2.Team of 3 Bonus

3.Power 30 Bonus Pool

4.Quick Start Bonus

5.Unilevel Commissions

6.Elite Bonus

7.Global Leadership Pools

8.Debt Reduction/ Car Program

9.Generational Matching Check Bonus

Qx eXponential Infinity Plan:

Q Science offers Qx eXpontential Infinity Plan, representatives earn a retail sales profit that also includes a $50 Team of 3 bonus, 2% Power 30 Bonus Pool, 20% Customer Sales Bonus, and Unilevel Commissions.

The Gold Members at Q Science are eligible for the Car Program/Debt Reduction that pays up to $500 or 75 percent of a qualifying credit card debt.

Q Sciences Enrollment Options

  1. Retail Customer:

All those distributors who enroll for Retail Customers can purchase all of the

Q Sciences’ products at retail prices without paying a membership fee.

2.Preferred Customer: Q Sciences' Preferred Customers can enjoy wholesale pricing with an active monthly Autoship order. The package provided by Q science that does not require a membership fee while allowing members to qualify for the AMOR program and can earn points that they can redeem for other products.

3.Independent Business Owner:

With Independent Business Owner, IBOs one needs to pay a $99.95 business enrollment

fee. The total amount can qualify for the AMOR program and redeem points for products. All the Business Owner members also get business tools, notifications on discounts and special offers, and marketing resources. All the Independent Distributors must earn a minimum of 240 PV monthly through customer orders or by personal purchase in order to receive the special commissions provided by the company. The number is pretty high when compared to other similar MLM companies in the marketplace. All the starter packs are expensive at $149.95-$449.95, depending on the options chosen by them.

In the recent years, Q Science has received some bad press.

According to a story published in Salt Lake City Weekly, distributors making exaggerated claims about the product at a charity walk even hosted by NA on Mental Illness. At the event, the distributors also claimed that the products are suitable to treat any mental illness a consumer might have.

The product also has caused damage in the lives of many people due to some unsubstantiated claims by many users. A parent of 27-years-old man stopped their son’

s schizophrenia medication in 2011 and replaced it with EMPowerplus. The young man subsequently beat his parents with a blow while they were in bed, killing the father and harshly hurting the mother.

The young man told the media that he believed his parents were creature from outer space and need to make sure they were dead.

When Daren, Marc, and the Board of Directors/Medical Advisory Board was developing a plan to compensate their sells force, the team were inventing another product line as their compensation plan. The compensation plan provided by the company has the complexity and intricacy. The key in an compensation plan whether or not it is a MLM Company or any Fortune 500 Company it’s not the job description but how can one make money by understanding the plans offered by the company.

Team of 3 Bonus:

The Team of 3 Bonus Rewards with a cash bonus for building a strong organization with reoccurring monthly sales.

Paid Monthly

One must be an active IBO with a monthly AutoShip of 120 PV or greater. Power 30 Bonus Tool: The Power 30 Bonus Pool rewards with Bonus Pool shares for investing in the business during the first 30 days of enrolment. Each week, Q Sciences’ reserves 2 percent of the company's Total Qualifying Volume for the Power Bonus Pool. Every week, the Pool is divided and paid out to qualifying IBOs based on their overall performances. During the first 30 days of enrolment, one can earn a lifetime Power 30 Bonus Multiplier based on the total amount of P

  1. The Multiplier factors into the amount of shares one can earn in the Power 30 Bonus Pool. If one reaches 375PV in the first 30 days of enrolment, one can earn a Multiplier of 2. If one reach 750 PV, one can earn a Multiplier of 3. If one reaches 1500 PV, one can earn a Multiplier of 5. Every time one personally sponsor a new IBO they also earn a Multiplier, the number of shares one representative, the weeks Pool is dependent on the multiplier number and the Multiplier of the new IBO.

Paid Weekly through the Sponsor tree Must be an active IBO to qualify Special pricing and quantity for monthly product samples for life. Customer Sales Bonus: Customer Sales Bonus rewards the representative and other active members of the team for the building a robust customer base. After the Quick Start Period ends, one become eligible for the Customer Sales Bonus. The CSB is paid on the PV above 240 per month.

The PV is considered Customer Volume, or CV and is accounted for the IBO Level in the Customer Sale Bonus.  Paid Monthly on the Placement Tree Must be an active IBO Only pay on volume over 240 PV and outside the Quick Start Period.

Elite Bonus: The Elite Bonus is a one-time achievement bonus for achieving the rank of Elite. If one achieve the rank of the Elite during the first 30 days of enrolment, one will receive $6 50 in product at the wholesale price of a $200 cash bonus.

Paid Monthly Must achieve the rank of Elite

Must be active IBO to qualify To reach the rank of Elite one has to,

120 PV

4,500 OV

Personally Sponsored Active IBOs

Q Science Review -

The Verdict:

Q Science has great tracking records based on the history of its founders and the quality of their products. The only major issue with the company is similar to any other marketing company – one cannot get 100 percent successful in recruiting people under their hierarchy.

One can be paid very significantly if one chose to sell a lot of products, or build a team that can also help in selling a lot of products. One can earn retail profits from selling the products, team bonuses through the unilevel structure, fast start bonuses, other lifestyle incentives, and leadership advancement bonuses. Now Q Sciences is a great company and opportunity for the leaders who take full advantage of it, there will always be some representatives who cannot produce a lot of sales.

Producing a lot of sales is easy when one representative have the proper marketing training and take massive action.

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