LegalShield Reviews – Legal Pre-Paid Fraud


Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk here. We see you're looking to get into this MLM called LegalShield, right?

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LegalShield Reviews - Legal Pre-Paid Fraud

Let's get going on this review.

Factually speaking, Pre-Paid Legal companies have been around for several years. And there are been literally hundreds of lawsuits against them all. So many factual negative reports on this so-called business opportunity.

So, what they did was changed their name to LegalShield, which allowed them to become a private company to work by. Here's what they claim.

Imagine a world where anyone can access an attorney about any legal issue. Now imagine a world where everyone can afford it. Thanks to LegalShield that is the world we live in. For as little as $20 per month.

As of 1976, this business was incorporated as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. was then acquired by MidOcean Partners in 2011. This is when they changed their name to LegalShield. They make huge claims of making money which is a red-flag pointing at a home business MLM fraud. Any site or advertisement that has pictures all over it of a mansion on the beach and several Rolls Royce vehicles in the driveway, it's most likely a big scam.

In fact, take a look at these statistics from researchers who do the screening on about 5,000 home jobs leads every week, and there is a “54-to-1 scam ratio”. This information is from the CEO of Staffcentrix, Durst.

They don't even have an Income Disclosure. And the problems With this Pre-Paid Legal Business Opportunity (MLM) is that they reported to the SEC that more than 75% of its members didn't sell more than one plan in 2012. They avoid giving this information to all new prospects.

As of 2012, there were the following:
503,000 Memberships Sold (approximately)
439,000 Vested Associates (approximately)
$115,000,000 Commissions paid (approximately)

The average commission for each 'vest associate' is only $275 per year! 

LegalShield Product Plans

Let me start with this fact and that is, if you need any legal assitance, they will make 1 phone call or write 1 letter for your case.

That's it!

They will then they refer you to an outside lawyer which you have to pay for. So, ultimately, the real money-making side of this scam of LegalShield, is recruiting as many as possible to sell as many as possible monthly plans for a commission.

They have 'personal' plans which start at $17.95 a month and includes the following:

  • Simple coverage for single adults (no children)
  • Legal Advice
  • Letters Phone Calls On Your Behalf
  • Legal Document Reviews
  • Trial Defenses

They also have the 'family' plan which starts at $19.95 a month and includes:

  • Coverage for you, your spouse/partner and your dependents
  • Legal Advice
  • Letters/Phone Calls
  • Legal Document Review, including mortgage documents
  • Trial Defenses
  • Uncontested Divorce, Separation or Adoption

Here's ALL that is covered if you want to take a deeper look here at

They have 'small business' plans as well. Below are the prices:

Small Biz - 10 or less employees for $39 monthly
Legal consultation on unlimited matters
20 calls or letters per year
5 collection letters per month
20 documents reviewed per year

Small Biz - 50 or less employess for $89 monthly
Legal consultation on unlimited matters
30 calls or letters per year
10 collection letters per month
30 documents reviewed per year
Trial Defense Services

Small Biz - 100 or less employees for $149 monthly
Legal consultation on unlimited matters
40 calls or letters per year
15 collection letters per month
40 documents reviewed per year
Trial Defense Services

Their network consists of 39 law firms, 1100 provider lawyers and 20 years average legal experience.


they have been around since 1969. that was the year the founder, Harland Stonecipher, had a so-called epiphany. What had happened was Harland was financially unprepared for all the legal bills he had received from an accident that was not his fault. So, since that day, Harland was bound and determined to make sure all others have access to any legal protection they need. Doesn't matter how trivial or traumatic the situation is, they will have access to LegalShield and that's how it was founded.

Today as of 2015, LegalShield keeps their mission going and provides legal protection to over '1' million members in 49 states, as well as four Canadian provinces. Their network of lawyers work for individuals (families) and businesses all day, every day and all year round.

Mr. Harland Stonecipher was born in 1938 and died last year in 2014. 

How to Make Money With LegalShield

Honestly, to make any amount of income you have to be a 'recruiting machine'...

Legalshield compensation plan

legalshield reviews

legalshield review


legalshield comp plan

LegalShield Review Comp Plan

To get an entire understanding of how much commissions are and how they are paid out, go here:

So, here's how it is, when a customer signs a new membership under you (associate), then you, the associate, is paid a commission in advance for the entire first year of service. Well, sounds good and all, but unfortunately, over 50% of all new memberships cancel before the first year.

Now, if this happens, then LegalShield takes back part of the commission that they originally paid the associate. So, now, you're left with earnings that have dimished.

One needs to be 'vested' and what does that mean to be Vested? To be vested is to be eligible to get your commissions. And to be able to receive your commission, the associate must have an active associate agreement. In order to have an active agreement, associates must do one of the following:

Maintain an active personal LegalShield membership
Make three personal membership sales per calendar quarter

If you as an associate does not do either, then your associate agreement will be placed in a 'precancel' status for 3 months. During the precancel 3 months, the associate has to:

Reinstate their personal LegalShield membership
Make six personal membership sales

Going on that, if the associate can not meet these requirements, the associate will go into a 'dropped' status at the end of the precancel 3 months. When that particular date hits, the associate (you) will lose all your downline and forfeits all commissions and earnings and even bonuses that were coming.  

You see the way this works is all commissions paid out are divided between 8 other people. this is one of those structures that pay huge amounts to the one with the largest team and leaves the little guy (you) struggling to even make a decent amount of money.

LegalShield Pricing and Refund Policy

LegalShield’s pre-paid plans:

  • Personal Plans are $19.95 monthly
  • Two Identity Theft Plans, first one is the ID Plan for $14.95 monthly and the second plan is the ID Premium for $29.95 monthly
  • The Small Business Plans are customized based on your business’s needs. So, due to that fact, prices are different.

So, Is LegalShield a Decent MLM?

Alrighty, what do you think? So, with all this in mind, is LegalShield a way to make money from home for real? Like I've said on every MLM that is out there, most of the time, their products and services are totally worth while. The part of the MLM industry that I do not agree with is you ahve to consistently recruit no matter what it takes.

What I want to write and say is that we all get what we pay for. I think of it in this aspect and that is if one needed to hire a lawyer for some minor upcoming court case, it’s totally feasible to expect to pay anywhere from $5K to $10K. So, with that said, with LegalShield, the quality of their legal services are going to be extremely low, seeing one is only paying $20 monthly.

If you put it in perspective, just do not expect to get personalized treatment as you would receive from an intelligent and highly-rated firm. That's why the high-dollar lawyers get paid so much, they are right there for you. What I also came across as I researched this MLM, is that it has a very poor reputation for their customer service. The problem I came across the most was all the difficulties when a person wanted to cancel their plan.

Finally, when you consider that anything more than simple form-letter writing, a cursory review of your situation, or superficial advice (which may or may not be correct) will cost you much more than your standard monthly fee, using a LegalShield lawyer may be more expensive than hiring a lawyer direct. In fact, in one complaint we read, someone who claimed to have an immense amount of legal experience stated that you’ll be paying about 30% more overall.

With all this in mind, unless you’re looking for help with the most basic of legal services (which are often simple enough to handle yourself), you may want to think twice about joining LegalShield.

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