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Affiliate Disclosure

We're proud partners of the coaching program recommended on this website.  We do receive a small commission for each sale that occurs as a result of you visiting this site.  We've both purchased the program ourselves and love it; or we wouldn't be recommending it in the first place.  Your purchase is greatly appreciated and helps us maintain this site and share this mentoring movement with the world.

Terms Of Service

Just be cool.  How's that for lawyer speak?  Seriously, in using our website, all we ask is that you carry yourself like a grown-ass adult.  Don't be dodgy, hypey or shady.  Or anything else that ends in "y" and has a negative connotation.  Capiche?

Earnings Disclaimer

Even though we know we're promoting what we genuinely believe is the most predictable, repeatable laptop business model that exists online today, it should go without saying, but: we do not guarantee any sort of income; nor do we accept responsibility for any financial loss endured on your part.  Get with professionals where appropriate.