Empower Network Update for Oct 2015

So, you're wondering what the heck is going on with Empower Network now that's late 2015.

Name is Maria Galloway. I'm a former 1%-er in Empower Network.

No more MLMs for me again or the co-founder of this blog Jason Rusk!

I'm sure you'll understand what I'm saying once you watch the video from our business partner, Brad:




Empower Network Review Update for Oct 2015

Did you find that Brad made total sense?

Bottom line, I absolutely love the products that Empower Network sell. I learned a tremendous amount of information that's for sure.

And the famous hippie dude that was homeless in a van, David Wood, is still one of the outrageous visionaries that has ever hit the MLM industry, bar none.

However, an MLM is still an MLM and I do not agree with the entire industry as a whole. 

Empower Network Overview

Empower Network is an online network marketing company that sells internet training and internet marketing tools.

Most popular product is the blogging platform and a line of their digital products which teach all those who join how to make money on the internet with your blogging.

The MLM side of it, the business opportunity, allows you to sell the products and receive commissions for doing just that.

Let's talk about the founders right now. David Wood is one of the co-founders of Empower Network a few years back. Well, long before Empower, David Wood spent years of doing that 'recruiting' crap such as, approaching people in Target or Wal-Mart, those stupid 3-way calls, had the home meetings and all the other traditional multi-level-marketing activities that every MLM wants you to do.

David Wood then got smart. He figured a way to start his business on the internet. To do this he teamed up with David Sharpe. Sharpe is another internet brain who knows how to do this for sure.

And so the legendary Empower Network was launched on October 31, 2011 by both David's.

This was one of the fastest growing MLMS, the industry had seen to that date. In just one week, the company pays over 1 million in commissions. Needless to say, they both never looked back.

They literally started a new age movement through being an MLM.

David Wood

Now, back to David Wood. Let me tell you about this extremely intelligent salesman.

David Wood is the co-founder of Empower Network, in which is was one of the most sought-after and hottest Internet marketing companies in the world. David is now a legend in the world of Internet marketing, especially as far as recruiting for Empower Network. Needless to say, from recruiting for his company, Empower Network, he went from being homeless, living in a van with his then girlfriend, to becoming a successful millionaire in less than two years. His story of how he came to be is actually an inspirational one at best.

What David Wood did was to indulge himself completely into learning all one could on online marketing training. With doing so, he learned to reinvest all profits into Empower Network and therefore, with the knowledge and money going back in, the company grew and grew and grew.

He tells of one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing and that is to help others succeed and therefore you will succeed. So, that is why Empower Network was totally designed to teach and assist other internet marketers to make big money via the Internet. Many of these members have experienced the Empower Network Success and earned millions themselves, such as Brad, our business partner in the above video. I actually made 6-figures but again, not sustainable at all......Just another MLM.

Let me make this extremely clear to all of you reading this and that is only 2% of all these Empower Network members made any decent amount of money. Think about this for a moment, say 100,000 members for example and take 1% of that which equals only 1000 members. Okay so, that's only 1000 members a decent living and out of those there were only a few that made it to a millionaire status.

Do you like those odds?

Do you have the skill to be in that 1 to 2%?

And on top of that you would be competing against 'experts' in this MLM industry.

Again, this is why I'm out of MLMs.

Let's move on to David Sharpe.

David Sharpe

Davis Sharpe comes from being addicted to drugs. Yes, his story is amazing. He just knew there was a much better life out there and he was going to find a way. But first he had to stop using drugs. He went to his Dad's and asked for help. Stayed on his Dad's couch, worked with his Dad in the construction field. and stopped using the drugs.

You see I (Maria Galloway) have a similar story and this is what really attracted me to Empower Network. Hey, if this guy can do this well then I can do it too!

You see, Sharpe gave me the courage and strength to keep moving forward and upwards. I will never forget this.

Sharpe then got a computer and I think his girlfriend helped him at the time (she is now his wife) in buying a computer. Every night after work, as tired as he was, he would get on the internet and learn whatever he could tomake a better life.

That's how he came across David Wood and the rest is history.

Well, after being one of the founders and leaders of Empower Network, he had obtained Hepititis through his prior drug use. With that, in and around the time of April of 2014, Sharpe stepped down from his position in Empower Network stating the following:

The company has never been stronger. The infrastructure is solid, because we’ve worked very hard the last 2.5 years to build it that way. Dave Wood and CEO Jonathan Cronstedt are fully capable of leading this company into the next phase of growth.

With that, I’m confident my departure will in no way cause any issue with the company continuing to grow on the path it’s been on since it launched.

I believe this was a very hard decision, yet a courageous one at that. At this time David Sharpe has taken care of his health issues and I actually believe he is doing 100% better from what I have researched lately.

That is an awesome thing to hear about anybody. To step down and take care of yourself is a courageous thing to do.

Now, David Sharpe is starting to show himself around the internet industry again so I'll be watching him and seeing what he chooses to do next.

What is This Empower Network Anyway

Empower Network is an online marketing platform that is used to help all those wanting to be an online marketer, to generate customers/leads and grow their business. What David Wood says about this blogging system is it is different from any other online marketing system ever put out in the internet world.

In fact, the blogging system from Empower Network has been very successful over the past few years. I believe, having been in this MLM myself, that the best part of this blogging system is that it totally takes away all the hard technical aspects of establishing your own web presence.

What David Wood created for the compensation plan inside EN (Empower Network) is that it allows all members to earn '100%' commission on all the EN products. So, when you join you automatically become an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who has the right to sell that particular MLMs products. Of course, the more you sell, the more you make. But you have to buy the products to be able to make 100% commissions on them. Which makes sense.

Empower Network Products

Kalatu Blogging System ($25)

Setting up a self-hosted blog can be very technical especially for a well-optimized one. So, David Wood exposed the Kalatu Blogging System. This was designed by marketers, for other marketers. You buy this product and you get the whole system set-up for you. Many will pay thousands of dollars to get the whole shabang, but after they get the blog they don't know how to market their product at all.

This is why EN came up with this blogging system. It comes fully customizable to fit the individuals needs and it's totally set up for optimization for all online marketing. Or use it for personal use, whatever may be the reason you want a blog.

Inner Circle ($100)

What the heck is this Inner Circle Membership? Well, the to that question is very simple. The Inner Circle Membership is simply 'Mindset Training.'

I know for a fact, everyone successful person either reads daily or listens to audios or both. So, the Inner Circle is a great collection of audios from highly successful entrepreneurs. This will help you put positivity into your mindset.

I actually listen to quite a few audios daily. I read daily...

Successful people do this. These audios need to be listened to while you are walking or in your car, or when you are jogging, even when you're cleaning the house, at the gym, or exercising, or just anywhere you want.

Top Producer Formula ($500)

This is a complete 'study guide' which is taught by a few of the industries most successful people. This study program will enable you to learn how to be a top-earning sponsor in your very own business.

A guide in which will teach you how to get the 3 customers a day. You know all the old-style warm list selling tactics.

Also, step by step put into action plan to start today. They say this is a must to buy and learn and sell to others.

Team Building Formula ($1000)

This is the Team Building Formula which they take further than just ‘ideas’. This shares all the steps and laws that it takes for building a team. They teach you how to do it by going through the fundmental laws for your business.

Wood states that when one applies these laws, that they have doubled or tripled the growth of their team in a fast pace time line. So, if one is having a difficult time putting together a team that makes money, check this out.

Mass Influence ($3500)

This is the top-of-the-line product. Mass Influence Formula teaches one to win the respect of others and give great influence to actually get them to take action and get in with you. Supposedly, this is proven with scientific influence and what they call persuasion principles, to allow you to know what to do to get others to do what you want.

How To Make Money With Empower Network

You see the way one makes money inside EN, is to sell the products to their downline and then they do so and on and on. So, for example, if you sell a Mass Influence for $3500, then you just made a commission for $3000 (due to huge admin fees on this product only).

So, that's why the money can be big, just like I made when I was in EN. But as I look at EN now and see the same big earners are there and all new people below them.

So, what does that say?

Well, it says, the big earners STAY and all the others they recruited leave for the next MLM.

This is how you make money:

  • One can only earn commissions for products they have  purchased themselves and if you haven't, then the commission passes up to the next qualified person.
  • One is able to get 100% payouts on the products. But, one has to pass up the 2nd, 4th, 6th sale and every fifth sale after that — on each of the separate products.
  • And lastly, they do have a $19.99 monthly affiliate fee which is very low, to be able to sell all the products.

So, in a nutshell…

The good part of EN is  that when yo do purchase all products, you can then keep seeling all of them for a big commission up to $4625. The tools and all the great training are top-notch and their sales funnel works great...

They've only been around for a few years so many years to go if they do this right.

The bad part of EN is that they are constantly getting scrutinized for their lazy and spammy people who promote it like crazy without any perimeters whatsoever. They just get it out in front of as many people as possible without truly caring about these people. They just care about the dollars! It's a constant barrage of upselling and 'get all in' bla bla bla...

That is why I am no longer an affiliate with EN. IT is not sustainable and you just need to keep lying to people and telling them that they too will make money! It's a bunch of BS....

Because only 1 to 2% of EN members make money!

Also, there don't give you much of a description. People will wonder what the heck they do? Empower Network doesn't have a clear description anywhere on their site that tells about their business model. Therefore, they don't even let the new prospects know how the heck they can make an income and therefore, gain success.

EN has way too many up-sells. EN is the 'up-sell' master of the internet. Actually, it's totally annoying even when I was doing it, it annoyed me! When I was a member of EN, other members would bombard me and I would get so frustrated when they would want to sell me other sales pages. For instance, the 'big idea mastermind', and all the lead capturing systems, and that's just a couple. The most unforgiving part is the they let you know if you don't get this, then it's going to be extremely difficult to make money.

Every member will have to pay $20 in order to get paid. Yep, every member has to pay for this card every month.

The big question is, how much does one need to spend to get in and succeed? Certainly not just the $25, because that is just the blog. When one wants to make big money than one has to purchase ALL products or you will pass up the commissions to your upline. So, if one wants to make commissions on the Inner Circle, then one needs to buy the Inner Circle and so on.

So many of the affiliates consistently work online without any manners or moral ethics. I've seen so many members promote EN in any way they can which makes you question if they are legit or what. In fact, Facebook even had to ban all EN links due to some of the members behavior. I have to say if one can not use Facebook due to the company they are in, what good is that company?

There are way too many complaints about EN. This is what happens when you let all your members go wild all over the internet, spitting out naything they want on Empower Network and this is all to make fast money.

Can Empower Network members really rank their blogs? Maybe back in the day, most of the sites were nicely put together and sold, however, it's just not happening like that any longer.

There is absolutely zero support within some of the groups sue to the fact that Empower Network has grown tremendously in the past years. So, many of the groups are just too big to give any kind of decent support, which newbies need. This type of non-support causes many to quit too fast. When one is an affiliate, they need to be responsible for all the new people coming in.

Lastly, EN doesn't offer a 'free trial'.

So, if you are interested in getting into an MLM, this would be a good choice. However, if you are interested in making an online business that will continue to grow and you only deal with other business owners who will be chasing YOU down for your services, then watch all the below videos!

I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Whatever you chose to do, we wish you the very best,
Maria Galloway, Jason Rusk & Brad Campbell