doTerra Review

doTerra Review

Let us indulge ourselves in the essential oils & the prosperous doTERRA realm

Illness curing essential oils? Possibly, they are actually the in thing at the moment and in some cases kind of taking over some allopathic medicinal traditions.

Essential oils are naturally occurring molecules encountered throughout numerous species of plants.

The molecules combine to produce the wonderful olfactory sense of smell and help defend the body against disease.

These are two reason why the product is advertised to the consumers. Also they probably smell better than Amoxicillin and taste even better I am sure.

Whether they truly work…???

Due to all the local press, hot house visits, word-of-mouth marketing, meet and greets, and 3 way call these oils are diffusing their way through homes all around the world.

Is this for me? Hmm….. Well check out the video above and you will see why there is something better, I promise, you will thank me sooner than later.

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Medicinal benefits?

Is it all in the head or can it truly cure an illness?

Better than a placebo?

Okay so the essential oils doTerra business appears to benefit people.

However there are other models out there that may work just as well or even better.

Monetarily, speaking.

For a network marketing company this company is truly and completely HOT and attaining fantastic growth, this tells me that the company must have some great business and marketing sense and the products are working.

I know many people that use these oils or another MLM competitor’s oil.

As medical provider, I have people ask me all the time if I am okay that they or their family use one of these products.

While I cannot say if they will help completely and cure all, I do have a mother giving her daughter a peppermint flavor for her stomach and it appears to help.

Yet, if you ask me to be a distributor, I’ll politely decline.

doTerra is taking advantage of their business model and marketing and the strong network of mother marketers, but the MLM industry is a broken system in general.

DoTerra does great things but the MLM systems is flawed for the majority of the associates, only the top few make the real money

Check out the video above and you will see why I think what I think.

If we look at Google Trends, we can truly see that they are the coolest thing since sliced tortillas (wait I mean bread). There is a huge influx of interest in the last few years. In contrast to other MLM's like ACN they are positioning themselves for records sales.

doTerra Google Trends

(screenshot of google trends)

The doTerra attractiveness-factor is difficult to disregard.  Check out their growth milestones.

Now it is time to delve deeper and understand more completely if this doTerra business it the best opportunity for you.

Relish in my complete review below!

doTerra essential oils

The doTerra company markets and sells health and wellness merchandise with essential oils

Their products resonate well with millions of people in the ever-changing landscape of natural medicinal health.

They have numerous essential oils and other hair care, skin care, spa, supplements, and weight management inventory.

Their strong presence across the globe appears to only be a beginning and due to the rock star status of this type of product and the opportunity to the doTerra distributor, I can see this highly influential essential oil way of life continue to expand for some time to come.

Essential Oils Product Review

Check out this link for a list of complete products

I counted 42 single oil flavors, another 19 proprietary blends, and 4 mixed blends, this does not include the other products.

On their website they explain that the 4 combined blends are a way to diversify and capture particular ingredients to impact specific parts of the body more efficiently and effectively.

4 products of mixed oils and nutrients in a variety of forms.

  • OnGuard
  • Deep Blue
  • Breathe
  • DigestZen

In speaking of a variety of forms doTerra also has 4 diffuser products available to sell.

The idea behind the diffuser is that it will help the essential oils fragrance be dispersed throughout the room or area where it is placed.

Diffuser Tool List:

  • Aroma ace diffuser
  • Aroma lite diffuser
  • doTerra petal diffuser
  • Lotus diffuser

doTerra Diffusers

(screenshot of

Other products list

Skin Care

  • Verage
  • HD Clear

Hair Care

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Root to tip serum
  • Glaze


  • Lotions
  • Bath bar


  • Live Long Vitality
  • doTerra Women
  • doTerra Children

doTerra supplements

(screenshot of

Weight management Slim & Sassy

  • Slim & Sassy shakes
  • Slim & Sassy soft gel caps

Side note about the weight loss product Slim & Sassy.

I am sure like many other health products it touts the ability to supplement dietary necessity and with the ingredients it will increase weight loss.

Like most other products these claims are dependent on a lot of factors, so if a person partakes of Slim & Sassy and works out as much as possible and eats less calories I can see where they will lose weight.

However, the idea that just taking this as an extra addition to the meal and not changing other habits, is incorrect and will result in disappointment.

doTerra essential oils have a variety of products to market and make money, and the same time making money and contributing to the health of other people.

Their website does have product disclaimer that these products have not been evaluated by FDA, and do not claim to treat, diagnose, or cure disease.

This does not mean that, however, that there are not health benefits from using these supplements.

Only time will tell, and like other drug testing sometimes the placebo (sugar pill) even has the effect like the real medication because the mind believes it will heal.

Wealth is also another factor from doTerra.

How to make money with doTerra

So I am sure you agree that it is important to help other people and this product allows for that on the health aspect, but it is also a solid way to produce an income especially lately.

As the trend continues there will be great money made for some network marketing consultants, and it may last longer than other MLM companies but only time can tell that.

This is the quick & easy about making money with doTerra

Pay a $35 registration fee to join.

Fast start bonus earnings are 20% for the new associate on sale of products completed by new consultants within 60 days of entering the doTerra world.

Rewarded for loyalty with free products

Team Bonus aka power of 4 … monthly bonuses of either $50, 250, or 1500 dollars as you attain sales and associate enrollment levels.

This appears to compare similar with other network marketing compensation plans.

Once again it is not my way preference to try and make extra income, because I have seen better ways like my friend Brad’s way. Check out the video…. You’re going to like it

A complete online business you do not even need to leave your home to make the money. I promise!

Does doTerra Work?

This question will always be in debate, because most of the effects can only be seen over time, or studies have not been thoroughly made in comparison to FDA approved product that must meet certain testing standards which supplements do not need to pass this standard. So the traditional medicinal scientific community will always poke and prod at the ability these natural products contain.

All the while new research will continue to defend either side.

When mothers ask me as a medical provider if I am ok with them using essential oils on their child I respond and say well if it treats the symptoms then continue using, but depending on the disease they may need some follow up care by a medical professional, or if they need surgery the oil will probably not work well.

Overall there are medicinal benefits with the oils and when you have people use and get results then they will share with everyone.

They must work because people are buying and selling, right?

Everything doTerra

So after researching this search term I found multiple blog posts of consultants doing their best to market the product online. One page stated it had been taken down currently as it was under compliance review.

So as you can see there are multiple ways to market your network marketing business. Obviously a member must be careful what he or she says in regards to promises about the product they sell.

Everything doTerra is just another keyword to find people searching for this product or consultant opportunity. Have fun marketing in the many ways you are able.

doTerra Pro

After researching doTerra Pro I found that it appears to be a way that you can gain access to resources for your doTerra business and help you attain the goals that you want.  It appears to be a way where you can share you success and help motivate other people to build their doTerra business.

doTerra International

International locations of where doTerra currently is:

  • North America
    • USA
    • Mexico
  • Europe (All)
  • Asia
    • Hong Kong
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Singapore
    • Taiwan
  • Central America
    • Costa Rica
    • Guatemala
  • Oceania
    • Australia
    • New Zealand

DoTerra Founders

The year was 2008, when a group of like-minded professionals decided to join forces and ideas. They forged a brand and a product that is on fire in the world of natural remedies, health and business combined. Their passion for innovation, health, and wealth fostered their determination to serve the community.

Their vision was and still is to create a higher standard and better quality essential that could bring increased health and a use this new therapeutic idea in a health care world dominated with drugs. Their determination to develop a product that could reach everyone across the globe fueled their commitment to stop at nothing to attain this new standard.

They decided to name this product doTerra taken from Latin a.k.a of the Earth, and they put a further spin saying it means gift of the Earth.

Initially this company started with 25 oils and 10 oil combinations. Over time they have developed an empire of wealth to various parts of the globe.

I am unaware if they will pursue other regions, but they continue to develop new essential oils and proprietary combinations along with spa, nutritional and other health base products. Their all-inclusive health and wellness viewpoint fosters their innovative ideas.

The founders decided to commit their sales effort to the Wellness Advocates that want to work from home. They realized that through a direct sales force they could have massive action and accomplish their revenue goals much quicker.

It was the business savvy which lead the founders to empower local mothers and others to use and recommend the medicinal use of their product. They added personalized websites for each member to recommend and promote their own business.

The Good & Bad

Pluses +++

There is more research being done every year with regards to natural products, this is helpful for doTerra

With all the people around the world, it is easy to train associates and they can promote the many uses of essential oils

This company purports some of the best training and support. All the training and business management side of things are free and accessible online.

Seminars for wellness associates supported well with professional trainers and a stellar organization.

Online resources are well develop rich with ideas for the associates focused toward success

Minuses - - -

The other wellness oils that exist

Young Living has been around longer

Startup fee of 35$

Pay structure is not optimal

To sell you must find all you friends from years past, have meet & greets at your house, 3 way calls, and home parties.

If you add up the pluses and minuses, there are more pluses but certain MLM type minuses are more important to me and that is why I choose not to enter this realm of network marketing.


Find what you enjoy and do it often. This product may be an easy sell for some, but over time it would get old because I am not completely sold on the product.

Even if I were, the effort I put into the work must yield a return quick or otherwise I will not keep at it.

That is why I am working on lead generation.

Check out the video of Brad my business partner and see what he has going on and the 7 figure earner he is because of his online success and no it is not MLM but it is a home based business.

I like the business model for doTerra, and if this is the way you would enjoy spending your extra time, then go for it, do not stop until you get to your destination.

Realize the road to success in MLM is difficult, but obviously doable because many are succeeding currently as I write this and even as the many that will read this post.

Guys and Gals, how about building your own business without begging/bugging family and friends. A business you can feel good about financially AND emotionally.

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