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Welcome to our Network Marketing Companies Reviews Blog!

We're are here to show anyone who is currently in any one of the top MLM companies and are totally burnt out or thinking about getting into the 'next shiny mlm' syndrome, or anyone who desperately wants to 'kill' their JOB, that we are the multi-level marketing survivors! You know we've all been there in one of the network marketing companies, where you spend thousands to get in and 'make it' but in the end you made — like a couple dollars! Or maybe this is for the ones that are determined to do it differently. Maybe you no longer want to be that 99% of MLMer's who don't make a decent living from home!

Well, in that case, welcome to our program where the percentage of money-makers are well over the 60 - 80% range! And the ones that are not successful just aren't doing the program. We aren't anti-MLM or pro-MLM.  It's like this, if you truly believe in what you’re doing and are really building it without telling a bunch of lil-white lies and spaming the internet with a bunch of crap, then by all means keep doing it. We're here to give you a better way, inspire, and hopefully help you to love Mondays like we do, yep love Mondays...go figure!

Jason and I (Maria Galloway) will literally get you on a call with two of our humble online millionaire business partners who are teaching bloggers/MLMs/entrepreneur's/or you, how to get some serious "fatty" monthly checks all coming in month after month from local businesses!

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