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Let me get onto the Vemma Review, which has great products, however becoming a network marketer and expecting to make a decent living is at only a 2% success rate...

Vemma Reviews - Unbiased

Vemma Review

Let's start with what exactly does VEMMA stand for? Vemma stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe.

BK Boreyko started Vemma quite awhile ago. He has always believed that the most effective way to get people is to make a huge impact on people is in a physical way and a financial way. This is how he continues to move forward in the network marketing distribution model.

He highly suggests knowing the product inside and out and then the personal side of it with the one-to-one discussions with other members.

As of the time I'm writing this article on Vemma, it has brought in over $1 billion in retail sales. Just to put in here the humanitarian side of Vemma, they have actually donated over $2.5 million to several charities.


Vemma products specialize in a 'liquid nutrition' which states on their Vemma website the following:

…By combining the extensive knowledge of Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., with his Eastern (cardiology) and Western (genetic obesity) wellness expertise, and the best experts in nutrition, weight management and fitness, we guarantee results-driven products that are true to what’s listed on the label and a brand you can trust to enhance overall health.* The science behind our clinically studied Vemma formula and all Vemma products is our highest priority. To ensure highest quality.

The Vemma drinks are healthy and good tasting. I've tried the products and I truly believe in Vemma's products. For the drinks contain mangosteen, as this is well-known for its high level of antioxidants, which is so very healthy for all.

What I don't believe in is the MLM industry as a whole. Only the top 2 to 3% make a good income! There's a reason for this.

That's some nasty results, don't you think?

So, back to the products...LOL

Vemma's products will boost the body’s immune system and overall health with their big product was recently rated “Best Overall Juice” by Men’s Journal magazine.

In fact, the clinical side of the studies is awesome.

Reason for these studies are to evaluate the efficacy of Vemma. Also, the overall bioavailability on the immune function in adults is outstanding. They way Vemma did this was by conducting these clinical researches. These were independent clinical research groups. They were double blind, placebo controlled research studies. If you research how these clinical studies are conducted, you will findout they follow a very specific-set of procedures to always ensure that the results are dependable and free from bias, whatsoever.

Take a look for yourself, the Vemma immunity study and the Vemma bioavailability study were published in two highly-reputable journals. The Journal of Medicinal Food and Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. These independent studies confirmed that Vemma showed:

  • Significant improvements in these particular immune markers that they use.
  • Excellent antioxidant absorption for all.
  • There is a lowering of C-reactive protein (CRP), this points to its excellent effects on a person's overall health and wellness for the entire body.

Let's move into the compensation plan.

Vemma Compensation Plan

Vemma's compensation plan is what they call a binary compensation.

Vemma Compensation Plan

Let me give you a perfect example. When you sign up two new business associates. What you do is place one on the LEFT leg of your business and one on the RIGHT leg. All the new members will be placed under either the left leg or the right leg.

What this does (as they say anyway) is makes a place where the new members can get assistance from the above member (sponsor) to help them succeed. It's basically a team-type of approach.

But you have to do what they tell you to do like:
~Make that 'warm list' (ughhhh)
~Then start calling every friend you've ever had from pre-school
~Get your family members to buy from you!
~Call up all your co-workers from your job and have them come for a 'party' (yeah right).
~Reach out to that waitress that is serving you at dinner and let them know you can make them an income that would replace their hard time-consumingwaitress job!
~How about when waiting in line at Target or Walmart, reach out to 'everyone' around you.

And so on and so on...

You get what I'm saying.

STOP chasing people and I will show you what I do now and it is not another MLM.

Anyhoo, their main earning objective is to place an equal amount of new members on each side of the LEGS.

Now, let's get to the money part of this review.

Making Money With Vemma

So, can one really make money when joining Vemma?

Yes, there are quite a few people making money with Vemma. Hence, my Vemma Review article.

However, what is the percentage of people that CONTINUE to make money with Vemma. Statistically, only 2% of Vemma members continue to make money.

YES, ONLY 2%...

Are you in that 2%?

Or are you in the 98% that will give up and stop 'chasing' every Tom, Dick and Harry?

So, you can make money and in the beginning it will look great. But then once you've gone through your 'warm list', then what?

Welll, that's when they say you have to reach out to 'every human being' you see and tell them about this business.

Are you comfortable doing this?

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