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Rodan and Fields Reviews - Excellent Products?

Maria Galloway here as well as my business partners, Brad and Jason. Why we are writing this and other articles as well is to give you, the public, choices on having your own business but not getting caught-up in the MLM industry i.e. Rodan and Fields Reviews.

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Rodan and Fields Reviews

You want to know all about Rodan and Fields business opportunity, let's begin then. If you are not familiar with Rodan and Fields, it's the premier skincare line created by the doctors who created Proactiv. Rodan and Fields is the 4th largest and fastest growing skincare brand in the U.S.A.

In the MLM industry, what is called a 'team' is what everyone else calls a pyramid. Of course, building your own team has a much better ring to it. Unfortunately, it is basically the same act.

I'm not here to tell you this is a pyramid, nor am I here to tell you I'm against or for Rodan and Fields.

I've researched this company and I'm here to write the facts down and of course my opinion which you can take or leave.

So, let's start with the question, "Are Rodan and Fields products safe and do they work?"

According to them they do, for they are the dermatologists behind Proactiv. Now, these women are both educated. They went to Stanford University Medical School. However, Proactiv isn't anything special from any other line out there.  Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient just like all the rest.

The fact of the matter is that all the consumer reports found that Proactiv didn't work better than other products that contain benzoyl peroxide. And you can buy the other products at a much cheaper price.

Here is Rodan and Fields recommendation:

To treat acne on your own, start with a benzoyl peroxide-based treatment, and buy by price. Nearly all of our test participants were satisfied enough with the topical product they tried to say they would buy it. Remember, acne outbreaks are cyclical in nature, so yours might get worse before it gets better. Also keep in mind that benzoyl peroxide can irritate skin.

If it makes you feel better to buy something that a celebrity has talked about such as, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, then by all means go buy it.

You know I have to say I was pretty disappointed to find out what I did on Rodan and Fields skin care reviews.

Especially, on Rodan and Fields anti age reviews! I was seriously wanting to buy the products...

But made a wiser decision and did not buy.

Lemme get into their products so you can make your own decision.

Rodan and Fields Products

Are Rodan and Fields products safe?

Well, with all the research I did on this company, I found this video on Youtube to be consistent and true with all the facts I researched.

I know a little something about marketing and Proactiv's big contribution to skin care is their insane marketing, not their products.

Rodan and Fields knows what works. They are great at marketing their skin cream with huge celebrities. That's why the MLM was started and continues to grow.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields developed Proactiv as I stated above, however they then licensed the products to Guthy Renker.  The fact is that Rodan and Fields was purchased in 2003 by Estee Lauder Companies, however it's still operated independently.

Then, Rodan and Fields launched on QVC and it was a huge success for them. Rodan and Fields previously could be purchased from a few of the high end department stores. Now, it's all about multi-level-marketing (MLM).

The products themselves as shown in the above video have cancer-causing ingredients, such as their Redefine line of anti-aging products.

~ Daily Cleaning Mask
~ Pore Minimizing Toner
~ Tripple Defense Broad Spectrum Treatment
~ Overnight Restoration Cream
~ Multi-Function Eye Cream
~ Eye Cloths
~ Macro Exfoliator

These products have high concentrations of peptides, antioxidants and other anti aging ingredients to help fight the signs of aging.  This is true.

Reverse Product:
~ skin care regimen for brown spots and uneven skin tone
~ Deep Exfoliating Wash
~ Skin Lightening Toner
~ Skin Lightening Treatment

This product has Hydroquinone which is for skin lightening. It has the maximum strength (Hydroquinone) that is available without a prescription. The range also has Retinol and a couple other lightening ingredients as well.

The Rodan and Fields consultant has many positive statements to make on all of the products. Well, of course they do!

What else are they going to say when they are trying to sell a product?

There a ton of more products and I'm not going to list all of them here. What I'm tyring to get across to anyone reading this is to do your own research on any company that you are thinking about getting into and especially, if you are going to sell for them.

Personally, I was excited to research and find out more about them so I can buy some products for my own personal use. However, I don't like what I found out on Rodan and Fields products.

This happens though and again if you decide to buy these products and use them for yourself, just be careful and do your diligent research.

If you decide to sell this product, you need to let others know what you know. To be able to lay your head down and sleep through the night with no regrets, tell others the truth of the matter.

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