OneCoin comes quickly after the huge success of Bitcoin. In fact, there are literally dozens of virtual currencies that are trying and have tried to be the new Bitcoin.

I come from the MLM world, however, I'm now a 'former' 6-figure MLMer income earner through EN and Instant Payday Network. There are many others I've been in also and lost everything due to the government came in and said it was 'ponzi scheme'.

So, just to let you know, this is a totally unbiased and truthful review of OneCoin. I have no love for it, nor do I have any hatred towards it.

As my biz partner, Brad aka BK (who is a former 7-figure MLMer), stated in the above video, we have found an easier, faster and totally reliable and consistent way of making thousands passively on a monthly basis. Instead of you chasing, begging, asking Tom, Dick and Harry to buy into what you're doing 'now', business owners will be chasing YOU, begging you and wanting to pay YOU every month for helping their business!

Imagine that.....

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Okay, so back to my factual review...

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