MLM Failure


Who is Responsible for MLMS Failures Today?

This is such a great subject to write on. Having watched the above video from my business partner, Brad, I'm sure you can tell we are no longer in the MLMS industry.

Now, I'm not here to tell you to 'not' get into any MLM or to get into an MLM.

I'm here to let you know we have an easier, faster and much more lucrative way of owning your own online business and it is sustainable for as long as we have the internet.

I was actually asked by someone who is currently in an MLM, making only about $1500 a month and wanted my opinion on a particular question they had. The question was what are my thoughts on the top '5' reasons why 98% of people fail in all MLM's.

I thought to myself and that was a damn good question.

At no time during my research and my own time in my previous MLM's (which yes I made a lot of money in each one of them) did I read or hear that these MLM distributors fail due to their own fault.


Not one time during my lengthy research did any article suggest that maybe, just maybe, the person was at fault? Especially, in any articles in the media, regarding why MLM distributors fail, did any of those actually put the responsibility on the individual person!

It's always the company, the MLM and/or the products that was to blame.

So, I'm going to write down the most prominent five reasons why MLMS fail for about 98% of all members.

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