Herbalife Reviews

Looking for weight-management, nutrition/energy products AND the "business opportunity" with Herbalife, right?

Wanting to know if "THIS" is the company that will take you to financial freedom and eliminate your debt?

So, let me start with this is going to be a totally unbiased article on Herbalife. I neither like it, nor dislike it. I've never used the products so I'm doing my due-diligent research and giving you all my best!

Well, this is the typical MLM where they tell you to make that 'warm-list' in order to have those Starbuck meet-ups, home parties (where you invite anyone you've ever met including all your family and friends), those 3-way phone calls, and then there is the famous word-of-mouth marketing, basically letting everyone you see in Walmart, Target, any parking lot, that Herbalife is a necessity in their life and if they want to make the thousands promised they need to get in TODAY!

First question, am I into MLM's? Well, just watch the video from my partner, Brad, and that'll help you understand where I'm coming from!

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