Amway Global Business Review

Amway has a long tradition of selling products via direct network marketing. I can remember when people stopped by my parents’ house when I was a kid with a magazine sort of like Avon still does to market their product today.

Check out my mentor Brad’s video that has a shorter tradition but a much better impact on the local market and you pocket book much quicker than Amway!

I asked my parents later after those people left what they were selling. Can you guess? Yes Amway.

The company has a variety of products with many more business associates that promote the products and the business opportunity.

I had someone try to recruit me when it was called Quixtar and told me that it would be used and known more than Amazon. Not quite sure if that is the case, but it is a global company and I am here to do my best honest review.

Is this the way you would enjoy working?

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