Avon Review

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Avon Business Review:

Avon is one of the oldest founded company in the world. The company was first founded more than 126 years ago and is currently it’s one of the most respected cosmetic brands available in the world.

Avon target its audience not only by direct sales representatives but also from their website. The company operates from more than 100 countries and at the same time, it generates more than $10 billion in the recent years.

Avon product lines various products like, skin care, makeup, fashion, fragrances, hair care, and jewellery. With its territory in different fashion products, Avon’s brands include Anew, Avon Color, Marc, and SkinSoSoft. Avon is currently ranked #31 out of 200 brands. Avon develops a wide range of cleanser, moisturizers, masks, toners, and eye creams.

Avon Cosmetic In General Review:

Before one rush towards the big high end street stores, one should get hold on to Avon brochures. Avon products are just as good as the big brands currently running in the market like Mac, Estee Lauder. In fact, many Avon products can outshine the products from higher-priced competitors.

Ideal Luminous Blush is Peach color provides a soft glow with a slight, light-reflecting shine, that is very flattering for more mature and healthy looking skin. The product comes in a smart black, mirrored compact with a brush for an easy application and that could be the one of the best brush someone will use. The brush sweeps on beautifully, it doesn’t sit in fine lines and it also lasts for several hours. With a price tag of $5.00 only, this product has everything to make a woman look gorgeous.

Another fabulous product from Avon is Avon’s Super Extend Extreme Mascara that comes for $10 that comes in three different shades- navy blue, black, and brown/black. With one sweep of this product on the eyelashes are a bit sparse and gives them a good 40% extra length. Along with that a lovely wide-eyes look which is not clumping and not smudging. Avon’s Super Extend Extreme Mascara does live up to Avon’ hype and with such a price, it is not cheap and is certainly comparative to much more expensive brands that comes in bright yellow tubes.

Avon’s Nail wear Pro Nail Polishes that comes for $6 that comes in every shades from navy blue to flesh colors. Avon boast that these polishes will stay for 12 long days and some even lasts for 15 days – this shows that the quality of the product is excellent. Avon often have these lovely polishes on special offer, either at half-price or as multi-buys either from the offline store or from online ventures.

The figure below shows the trend and overview of how well Avon is doing in general.  They have been around a long time, even though google trend only shows about 10 years of data.

Avon Google Trends

(screen shot google trends)

Avon Business Opportunity:

There are tons of MLM companies around the globe but what makes Avon different from all of the others is their business plan. Avon as a cosmetic MLM company mainly focuses on different personal care items. The wide range includes jewellery, skin care products, and make up products. Avon has a strong network of 6.5M freelancing consultants around the world.

To start with, Avon Compensation plan, one only require to invest $10. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest entry into any MLM based company. With first four orders, Avon will pay up to 50% commission rate.

The amount is applicable on orders valuing more than $50 that are placed online. If one wants to place their first order to be $20 or more than that, one can regain the full investment amount with their first ever order.

Avon also provides a great opportunity to be explored. On an average basis, around 10 million people search Avon’s product on Google search engine during a month. The searches from individual varies from customers or from fresh potential recruits. People these days uses search engine like Google these days to search about MLM industry, and being an Avon representative one can get profit multiplying consecutively.

As an Avon representative, after the first four orders, one will be get enough money ranging from 20 to 50% or all the orders that are up to $25. Not only this, but according to the company, the representatives are not compelled to keep the inventories with themselves. For making a substantial income through Avon, one will get focus on creating a large customer base. Although, there are so many Avon representatives, and it may make the work a little competitive for the beginners.

Another available option from Avon, one more way to make most of the MLM aspect is to earn $20 with every recruit about 2 throughout the campaign period which is almost two weeks in every month. If one Avon representative wants to make money from the sale team’s volume,one representative have to become the unit leader.

Avon Compensation Review:

Avon representatives should not feel pressure when they are at the initial stage. With the right approach and will to work, the training process may seem to be easier than one would imagine. The training provided by Avon seniors is a low-key affair compared to other MLM industries currently running in the market. For all the new representatives there are both online and offline training offered by the senior authorities.

The marketing strategies by Avon representatives let them to move the entire team towards a broader reach. The products and other opportunities reach out to every individual who are inclined towards the purchase sell or enroll to Avon. The search for a mentor within the MLM based company is to find a support system ends here only.

Avon allows their representatives finds a mentor who is completely familiar with their own working ways. The process and understanding makes the way easier for everyone who wants to work and achieve a good steady income. Many representatives even apply the marketing skills learned with their associations from Avon only.

The documents mainly include earning through sales leadership program and through product sale proceeds. However, at the same time, the structure of pay is quite complicated and it sometimes happens that these plans are beyond the scope of ordinary people. The profit earned from the sale of product differ as per the nature of campaign, which mainly refers to the time-period of two weeks that allows the representatives to cover single promotional flyers.

There is a fixed commission of 40% that a representative earns from their first campaign after selling the core products of Avon, after that the representatives only enjoy 20% commission on the earning of fixed products. On the early stages, the representatives have the scope of earning 20-50% commission on sliding scale mainly dependent on the overall sales from the campaign.

There is also scope for the representatives to enjoy the bonus if they are promoted to the level of their executive levels. There is a scope for earning the title bonus if they receive promotion for the first time. Along with this, there is also a scope for earning a mentor bonus that helps the representative develop the hired representatives as an asset of the company.

Not only this, but Avon provides some regular incentives to the representatives who perform well in a month like, vacations, car, health benefits.

With the various performance based compensation plan provided by Avon, there are few advantages for the representatives like,

1. The performance based compensation plans raises the motivational level within the employees. Apart from the certain issue with the compensation rate within the country, the performance based compensation has raised the motivational level of the employees to work more and try to achieve the specific sales target.

2. When a MLM company provides a good benefits to its representatives then it makes employees get agreed to work on extra hour and try to achieve more stiff sales target in the company.

Avon Cosmetic Price:
1. Press on Nails: $6.99
2. Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation: $7.99
3. True Color Eyeshadow Quad: $4.99
4. Ultra Color Lipstick: $5.99
5. Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner: $4.89
6. Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara: $4.99
7. Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color: $3.99
8. Ultra Color Lip Crayon: $8.00
9. Avon Pro Lip Brush: $4.99
10. Extra Lasting Lip Stain + Balm: $10.00
11. ANEW Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact Foundation: $16.00
12. Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow: $9.00
13. Glimmersticks Lip Liner: $4.89
14. Avon Pro Lip Brush: $4.99
15. Extra Lasting Lip Stain + Balm: $10.00
16. Ultra Color Glossy Tube: $6.00
17. Mark. Total Kiss Up Hook Up Plumping Gloss: $10.00
18. Flavor Savers Lip Balm: $0.99

Avon Cosmetic Complaint:

Every cosmetic product has chemical ingredients that boost the quality and sometimes the quantity of the product. Not all of the 1000+ Avon products are different from the rest of the currently available cosmetic products.

Over the years, there have been many complaints regarding the use of toxic chemicals in the Avon’s cosmetic products. There have been complaints from many women stating that by using certain products from Avon they got few extra marks on their skin, along with that few stated that they have started sudden itching and rashes near the eyes and on the soft pores of their skins. Few people from North America has complained that by after using few of the Avon products they have started problems in their skin which finally lead to cancer or other sever diseases.

Avon has constantly trying to work and make their product better in every quality. Over the years, the quality of their products have increased tremendously. Not only this, but at the same time the amount of monthly users Avon has increased is commendable.

Even with a billion dollar economic market, Avon has always tried to create the products that can benefit the users. With the current line of products from Avon, it is clear that the company has given all of its input for creating the perfect product, which differentiate them with the rest of the current trending products in the market.

Avon Ingredients:

Avon makes a point of offering full ingredient lists on all of their product pages, that all are under the ingredients tab immediately adjacent to their product description.

A list of active ingredients is displayed initially, that has a full list of ingredients available by clicking ‘read more.’ Avon’s major product, Avon Solutions Total Radiance Day Lotion has following ingredients:
1. Octinoxate : 7.5%
2. Octisalate : 5.0%
3. Avobenzone: 2.0%

The percentage of all these easily remarkably easy to compare products based on their active ingredient concentrations, a provision offered by very few other skincare products currently available in the market. Apart from these, Avon is not among those companies that reveals the entire list of their ingredients. This alone speaks to their dedication to product accessibility. One who has some sort of allergy or aversions then one can easily identify just by looking at the ingredients.

It’s worth nothing that Avon is not a strictly all-natural skincare product manufacturer. The products often contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, coloring, and other chemical additives. Even Avon does not explicitly state that source of these chemical ingredients, though Avon is among those companies that stays away from animal testing.

Avon Toxicity

The presence of toxic chemicals in everyday personal care products such as baby shampoo, beauty salon, and lipsticks has recently received a significant media coverage and the outrage from everyone pressurized the company to use a much safer alternative.

Carcinogens such as 1, 4-dioxane, triclosan, and phthalates are some of the hazardous chemical which were found in many of the Avon’s cosmetic products.
Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent found in color cosmetics, creams, detergents, toothpastes, antibacterial soaps, and shaving products. Triclosan accumulates in a body and has been linked in creating hormonal imbalance.

Over the years, it was reported that Avon adds some toxic ingredients in all of their cosmetic products. In respond to the pressure from all the consumers and investors, Avon Products recently announced that they have eliminated the toxic chemical triclosan – a suspected endocrine disruptor. The Green Century Equity Fund has asked Avon to adopt a safer chemicals policy and applauds Avon’s decision to address the growing concern from the rest of the shareholders and the consumers.

“Consumers should not have to choose between health and beauty,” said Lucia von Reusner, shareholder advocate at Green Century Capital Management. “As a company that brands itself as ‘the company for women,’ Avon’s decision to eliminate ingredients linked to breast cancer from its products is the obvious choice for protecting both its customers and its reputation,” said von Reusner.

Gary Matthews, a CPA and financial advisor who spoke in support of Green Century’s 2013 resolution at Avon’s annual meeting said that, there are thousands of consumers who have a deep faith and respect for Avon and their products. “Reassuring consumers that their chemical safety concerns are being answered is absolutely critical for maintaining consumer trust,” Gary added.

Richard Liroff, the Executive Director of the Investor Environmental Health Network said, “There is growing momentum in the marketplace for companies to move faster than lagging regulators in tightening up chemical safety standards for their cosmetics and personal care products.”

EWG Avon Skin So Soft:

EWG scientists reviewed the Avon Skin So Soft original bathing oil for the safety that are accordingly to the methodology outlined in the skin-deep cosmetic database of EWG.
All the EWG scientists assess the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on the amount of the toxicity and the assessments from the government and health agency databases.

Avon Skin So Soft

(screen shot from avon.com)

Avon Skin So Soft Ingredient Concerns:

Fragrance: Organ System toxicity (non-reproductive), Irritation in skin eyes or lungs, ecotoxicology.

BHT: Irritation in skin eyes or lungs, organ system toxicity, cancer, allergies and immunotoxicity.Mineral Oil: Irritation in skin eyes or lungs, organ system toxicity (non-reproductive).

Avon Makeup Review:

Avon Makeup is renowned for their innovative, high-performance formulas in a wide range of different colors. With over 125 year of experience, Avon has product for everyone.
Avon is a premium skin and beauty product retailer with an incredibly long history. Even the track record of the consistent customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Avon’s chemists and medical experts have spent many years developing the company’s catalog that has over 1000 products. All these 100 products are tested for purity, efficacy and safety before they are sold in the consumer’s market.

Avon has established itself as a quality skincare provider by offering three different skin and beauty related lines of products. Avon ANEW, an altogether different line of products aimed at fighting the outward signs of aging, helping in removing the wrinkles. This Avon skincare brand alone has in international value of $1 Billion, with around 3,000 containers of product sold each hour through offline or online retailers.

Avon ANEW Clinical, another subcategory of Avon ANEW, offers at-home options to expensive and intrusive dermatological procedures.

Anew Age Products

(screenshot from avon.com)

Avon Clearskin is a novel distinct product line precisely aimed at treating acne. On the other hand, Avon Solutions is designed to enhance the natural feminine beauty by the combination of modern science and old natural resources.

Avon’s unique approach to product quality is rigorous. All the ingredients are thoroughly reviewed by all the Avon’s toxicologists. These toxicologists determine the safety of all the 1000 or any new product before they are included in a formulation. The company then uses effective major system to formulate the products while ensuring the absence of bacterial contamination. Routine manufacturing quality control procedures help to ensure that the Avon’s entire product consistently meets the company’s exacting specifications.

The products are then tested for their own compliance with safety regulations in the countries they will be exporting. Even the packing of all the products are carefully designed to maximize the safety and compliance, for example, products with low-viscosity hydrocarbons are always cased in childproof packaging.

Avon’s high quality can also be found in the varied design of the company’s website. The ‘About Avon’ section of the site is among the most extensive company descriptions that can be found anywhere in the skin and beauty industry in the entire world. The company provides a detailed description that are dedicated to corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability that also includes breast cancer research, emergency relief funds, and domestic violence prevention.

Avon History:

The roots of Avon can be traced back to 1886 when David McConnell made the decision to sell perfumes, rather than selling books to New York homes. The perfume was known as, “The California Perfume Company,” the business quickly blossomed by David McConnell and his first appointed General Agent, Mrs Albee. It was in those days when women were not allowed to right to vote, and on the other hand with David McConnell was instrumental in establishing the unique sales method.

Avon today is #1 direct selling beauty company on the world and has economically empowered women from around the globe. The company also established its roots in India in September 1996, opened its first manufacturing workhouse in Dehradun in April 2010, and has state of art Avon Beauty Zone in cities like, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and others.
The Avon product line includes some recognizable brand names as ANEW, Avon Naturals, Solutions, Avon Color, Little Black Dress among other jewellery & accessories. With a global beauty icon, a world leader in lipsticks, anti-aging skin care, and fragrances Avon becomes a top global brand.

One of the few perks from Avon is that it allows the representative to stay in the President's Club every year, however, when the economy tanked, so did the economy of Avon. However, the benefit is, one does not have to deal with the co-workers. The hardest part of job is getting people to call the representatives with their orders on time. The most enjoyable part is looking at the new products and getting a little extra cash

The main problem with the Avon management is that sometimes it happens that the top management people sheds extra load on the new representatives and few of the products have no hope of recovery. With the excellent quality of products and good prospects from earning, Avon is indeed at the top of its game when it comes to MLM marketing program.


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