ACN Business Review- Can it be?

ACN Business Review

Do you enjoy technology at your fingertips?

Are you happy with your service provider of internet, cellphone, and videophone?

How do you choose to communicate every day?

Would you like to own a business where you could save money on your own internet, phone, or land line bill?

Imagine that you could help other people save money as well and then you could profit from their service provider bills just a little every month. Overtime that little bit could add up to a wealth of income.

You could set yourself up financially for the rest of your life.

Does this sound like what you want? Own your personal business from a technology that will never go away and in a down market, it may actually increase.

The ACN Business is more or less the opportunity to make money from your own, your family, and your friend’s technology driven service provider.

You can also build a business as you recruit multiple people in your down line and they can repeat what you have done and taught them to follow your lead, allowing your earning to grow exponential.

Wait a minute…. Before we discuss this more in depth if you are having any doubts about entering a MLM company then watch the video with my friend Brad and see how he is making passive income.

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ACN Opportunity

So let’s discuss more about how what the opportunity entails and see if it may still be a good fit for you.

Remember you need to be or become fanatically motivated to raise beyond the normal non successful MLM associate.

There is a lot of money to be made with this company, but if you are not sold on this product, then you will not be able to sell the product or the process, therefore you will return to what you were doing.

There is value in what the company does for the consumer, but until you can recognize it or help others than you will not be able to move forward.

I actually was in this business. I have no reason to speak ill of it, but I would also not recommend a person join this business, not because I think it is a scam or their products are bad, more because I am not sold on their process or their product and cannot sell it to others.

If you can sell yourself and find people that understand the value than it can work out really well for you!

As an Independent Business Owner at ACN you offer products and services that customers are using currently and paying for these services daily or monthly.

These services include:

• Home & Wireless Phone Service
• Natural Gas & Electricity
• Merchant services
• Internet & TV
• Home Automation & Security

So the way it works is you have a meet up at your house or at the home of someone else. They have a video presentation about the ACN business opportunity and they ask you to hold your question until the end.

They discuss how technology is changing and how the big utility and service providers are the way of the past and how ACN can do a better job and associates become a middle man and collect money every month.

They discuss the startup fee of $499 and then the company requires that you use certain aspects of their services so that you can qualify to make money.

They require that you get a video phone for about $30 month, website for an additional $ 30 a month.

I like the idea to become a middle man or broker is really a great concept, like a real estate agent, but at any point if you cannot keep yourself sold on the product then it will not work, and like many people in this network marketing world they will quit and try and find something that looks better but it is just disguised as hard work.

There is no way around the massive effort.

Let’s check Google trends and the BBB to see how ACN is comparing.

ACN has an A rating with the BBB and have been accredited with them since 2008.

ACN Google Trends

(picture is screenshot from Google Trends)

As you can see there is less and less interest over the last 10 years.  Though this company is still around, people are choosing to find other ways to make money.

ACN Compensation Plan

At this point I will  discuss ACN compensation plan and the ways you can make money.
If you decide to invest money, time and hard work into structuring this business for the long term it is imperative that you comprehend the way you will earn money.

Unfortunately, many people that join the multi-level marketing business are not fully aware of how to make money but instead are focused on what those at the top are making and easily believing that they will get there without much work, yet we know that it is through much effort and talking to everybody that they will increase sales.

Instead it would behoove them to compare various MLM’s and their products as well as the payment structure to discover which could benefit them most.
Let’s not create that same problem here, so allow me to go over the plan in depth.

After perusing this review you will be able to more completely make a more informed decision

Exist 2 classifications of revenue with the ACN Opportunity.

In the short term
One time Bonuses, money made from recruiting new clients into ACN.

Over the long term

Residual monthly income with ACN is a result of recurrent customers paying their bills. Imagine a client stays with you for life, your income will be determined by their loyalty to you and you will make money for something you only did once.

Nice work huh?
Ok time to evaluate the existing bonuses and actually find how much money will enter your pocket.

Customer Acquisition Bonuses
Exist three kinds of CAB’s. I will examine a couple for you.


Upon personally sponsoring someone and helping them reach status of Trainer you can collect a bonus ranging from $90 to $275. The higher your rank the more the payout.

There is a specified time for you to qualify for Team Trainer as your new business associate needs to enlist for $499 and then recruit their first 6 to 8 customers before the deadline.

Open Line

This bonus is where you can make a lot of money if you can grow your team very quickly. It is simple to understand this bonus. Each time an associate in your down line becomes a Team Trainer, depending on your level will determine if you make $60 up to $185.

Realize that there are a couple qualifications

• You need to be an Executive Team Trainer to be eligible for this extra money, which you need to add 20 loyal clients and add 2 business associates that turn into Team Trainers.

• Once an associate that you or someone in your down line has recruited obtains your status or surpasses you, this will allow them to receive the open line money and you will not collect anything in their down line once this happens.

This can cause stress and pressure between you and your associates which may not breed teamwork. This is a negative aspect in my opinion, yet others may see it as motivation.

Food for thought…

If you are able to develop people and promote a great structured team then there is a lot of good money to make from the bonuses.
The long term perspective

This is where you need to pay attention.

It is the residual income over time that will truly set you free financially.

If you were to only worry about bonuses you may as well just consider this a regular sales job. Ideally you will not need to make money with bonuses and it will be the residual that dominates your income.

Okay this is the reason that we need to focus on the residual structure of the ACN comp plan.
There exists Two manners to create the residual revenue.

1st, as a result of your efforts from clients and associates that you personally sponsor.

2nd as a result from your teams effort and the percentages they make personally will also increase your residual. The more down line you have the more potential for residual income.

Let me show you how this is going to work hypothetically.

You are paid from ACN between 2% and 8 % from your clients bill monthly. This percentage you make from your personal clients is determined by the total amount they spend for ACN services.

Okay for example, let’s say your client spent $1,000 monthly for services. If you get paid 2% that equals $20 a month. Thus you can see the work you need to do.

Not sure this is the kind of network marketing I would care to do, that appears to be a lot of work for a little money but if the clients stay loyal it will pay off over time.

Another example of a higher bill on multiple clients. If you had clients paying $10,000 a month for services you would make 8% which is $800 a month recurring.

I know there is a better way to make a residual quicker than this, however, if you are sold on these products and this way of work by all means continue along.

Also think about if the average customer pays $50 dollars you would need 200 customers to obtain this residual. A lot of work.

Residuals from Teamwork
This path on the team side does not appear to be any easier. You will need massive amounts of clients and down line to help you make great money with ACN.

I do not see this company as a scam, but I do think that there are other opportunities with much more upside than this telecommunication business opportunity.

They are in over twenty countries over the world so if you can get people involved elsewhere that may help your chances.

I have known some people that made good money with the company. I had a family member in this mlm at one time but they did not last long.

So review your options and decide for yourself it this is your ticket to financial freedom or not.
Remember what my friend Brad is doing as a 7 figure earner on the internet. The video is at the top.

ACN Telecommunications Review

This company has a variety of products that focus on the telecommunication industry, but they also have some services dealing with utilities and for businesses they have a merchant services technology.

Like any company they want to take advantage of any recurring revenue possible.

For the Residential & Business services see the screenshots of their services page from the ACN website

Click on the image to enhance and view the services marketed by ACN
ACN residential services

ACN Business Services


The list of services are similar for residential and business but there are few minor differences

Residential services include:
• Residential Bundles
• Home phone service
• Wireless service
• Xoom energy
• High speed internet
• Home automation & security
• Premium tech support
• Television
Business services include:
• Business bundles
• Business phone services
• Xoom gas & electricity
• Anovia payment processing
• Satellite television
• Business Security & Automation
• Premium tech support

The difficulty I would find is to have some client desire to change their services over to these services if they already have the product. The time and money spent to do so, would impede me from doing it most likely.

Not to mention that you must be comfortable using these services even if it is not the cheapest platform for the client.

Also access to all these services is not everywhere thus you must do you due diligence as to where you can promote your business.

This business model does work and can make you independently wealthy. I just find that you need to be great at sales and enjoy obtaining customers in this fashion.

Now there will be a few friends and family that may change over to help you out, and in this case make sure they are treated superbly otherwise you could burn a bridge with them. I prefer not to do business with family, so I can keep a good relationship.

ACN Complaints

I find that the complaints that exist about ACN normally exist because people did not understand the work involved with this network marketing company.

Or the associates trying to recruit others misrepresented this opportunity and so those complaints come about because possible clients and customers were expecting one thing and they found out it was something else.

For example one story discusses the idea that an associate chose to recruit with ACN as a job and when he received someone’s resume they discussed the opportunity, however, most jobs do not require you pay an upfront cost and then only pay you commission only.

Once again the person looking for a job had a certain expectation and since he was mislead he became upset after learning the truth.

Like Grant Cardone states there are a select few business people that misrepresent the sales industry and cause a loss in credibility.

First be sold on your products and the process and then will not have the difficulty of disclosing in detail the opportunity you have to share and although they may not join, at least the can respect what you do.

ACN Video Phone Review

There are some that swear by the video phone because they see the value for themselves and their friends or family that share in the technology.

With advancement in technology some do see any value with this technology because of the variety of other services that exist with newer phones.

This may or may not be a great service but it is a matter of perspective, as you evaluate your technology needs.

ACN Inc History

American Communication Network was founded in 1993. This service was the vision of 4 entrepreneurs. Greg Provenzano whom is also the current CEO, Bob Stevanovski, Mike and Tony Cupisz. The co-founders combined their numerous years of direct sales understanding and organized this company due to the dissatisfaction with other network marketing companies so they created their own company their own way and included the benefits they saw lacking with other MLM’s.

Their business plan started on a yellow scratch pad. They compared what they did not like in other businesses and wrote down what they preferred to be a part of their business.

They took what they knew functions and dismissed what did not. They decided that rock-solid business performance, integrity, and a continual commitment to the future associates and clients above their own priorities.

From their scratches on the paper, the ACN business began and they started to find the services that are used by most consumers everyday.

They did not want to invent some product, they saw the opportunity to use products that were already consumed which means people do not need to change any purchasing habits and try to buy things that they cannot afford.

It started as they became a reseller for long distance phone services in the United States. Since then they now offer other vital services to clients in 24 countries that are consumed on a daily basis.

These services provide an opportunity for many business minded people to obtain financial freedom.

In 2011 ACN opened a Charitable Contribution division to help others with receive basic needs while they and their associates achieve financial success.

The business structure has lasted over 2 decades and continues to make a difference it people’s life.


My final thoughts about this business opportunity. I must say that they have a sound business model yet it is not the most well compensated or is it for all people. You must be determined to acquire many clients and push past the doubt and although you want to find great team members sometimes that may reduce your bottom line if these motivated associates reach your level.

In the end you must determine what your best process for success is. I do not recommend this MLM opportunity in the traditional sense. If you can use various technologies besides just word of mouth this may be an opportunity for you.

I recommend trying something that will make you more money and serve your local community in a much better way.

My friend Brad is a 7 figure earner in the internet marketing world.

Check out the video at the top of this post and you will find a great way to make a recurring income easier than spending your time trying to obtain ACN clients.

Overall I can appreciate any motivated people that choose to enter into the network marketing realm and you can surely make a lot of money in the process.

Focus, determination, and a lot of hard work will get you there. I recommend you buy motivational sales related books, join like-minded people and be consistent in all the efforts you make and persistence will pay off.

I choose to stay in the local market and help build businesses and revenue for them and of course after I help my market I will continue to help other local markets and one day go international and help my wife’s local market in her native Brazil.

Seriously, how about building your own business without begging/bugging family and friends. A business you can feel good about financially AND emotionally.

Where business owners are chasing YOU instead of you chasing and begging them!

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Whatever you chose to do, we wish you the very best,
Maria Galloway, Jason Rusk & Brad Campbell