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We're are here to show anyone who is currently in any one of the top MLM companies and are totally burnt out or thinking about getting into the 'next shiny mlm' syndrome, or anyone who desperately wants to 'kill' their JOB, that we are the multi-level marketing survivors! You know we've all been there in one of the network marketing companies, where you spend thousands to get in and 'make it' but in the end you made — like a couple dollars! Or maybe this is for the ones that are determined to do it differently. Maybe you no longer want to be that 99% of MLMer's who don't make a decent living from home!

Well, in that case, welcome to our program where the percentage of money-makers are well over the 60 - 80% range! And the ones that are not successful just aren't doing the program. We aren't anti-MLM or pro-MLM.  It's like this, if you truly believe in what you’re doing and are really building it without telling a bunch of lil-white lies and spaming the internet with a bunch of crap, then by all means keep doing it. We're here to give you a better way, inspire, and hopefully help you to love Mondays like we do, yep love Mondays...go figure!

Jason and I (Maria Galloway) will literally get you on a call with two of our humble online millionaire business partners who are teaching bloggers/MLMs/entrepreneur's/or you, how to get some serious "fatty" monthly checks all coming in month after month from local businesses!

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Maria Galloway here and I'm a former 1%-er in Empower Network and Instant Payday Network.

Let me just say, no more MLMs for me again or the co-founder of this blog, who is Jason Rusk!

I'm sure you'll understand what I'm saying after you watch the video from our business partner, Brad:


Top MLMS for 2016

In 2014, there were over 18 million people in our the USA, alone, that were in MLMs.

Apparently, these are working for some (1% to 2% ), however not for most.

The entire MLM industry is what I do not agree with, nor like. The products & services that these network marketing companies offer are good. It’s the fact that they are more interested in ‘recruiting’ thousands of people in order to consistently make an income with their downline.

Here’s the Top MLMs for 2015.

1) Advocare

Founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus, Advocare pretty much dominate the sports supplement products in the MLM world today. This company uses many powerful endorsements by such athletes as Crossfit champions, bodybuilders, and MLB pitchers.

They are the official sports nutrition partner of the MLS. They also sponsor the Advocare V100 Texas bowl game.

Facts are, they made $498M in 2014. Pretty impressive isn’t it…

Advocare’s 24 day challenge is most likely the most popular and sought-after program in all of network marketing right now. They actually are showing searches of over 1,039,000 in October of 2015.

2) doTerra

After only 5 years in the MLM business, doTerra has a $60 million headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is one of the hottest network marketing companies in the world at this time. However, they are a spin-off from Young Living, even though they definitely do not want to hear this.

Thousands of users absolutely love the oils, and they are completely determined to tell all of their friends.

Both of these MLMs are killing it.


3) Empower Network

I’ll just start with stating that I am a former member of EN. Made thousands and thousands of dollars inside this MLM. Still love the products…

It’s crazy but several of Empower Network’s original leaders have been returning in this year of 2015. Dave Wood, Founder, still captures a cult like audience that he grabs from his crazy Google Hangouts in his Costa Rica home. This guy is absolutely real, raw and anti-corporate, and seems to be in a great relationship with his girlfriend, Priscilla and their baby.

Empower Network’s products are STILL up-to-date and valuable in the digital marketplace. I truly love that Dave Wood doesn’t promote those horrible 3-way calls or those stupid home parties or grabbing complete strangers in any parking lot to get them to join!

Empower Network

The products are great and very useful even for the year of 2016…

4) Nerium

This MLM is continuing to grow in one of the toughest mlm markets and that is in the anti-aging skin care for all. They are acclaimed by the following, Inc. 500, DSA membership, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I absolutely am a fan of their products, for sure!

They launched in 2011, and are known for the incredible science behind the products. They are still one of the newer mlms, much more up to date, so to speak, and a highly sought-after company.

5) Jamberry Nails

Founded by 3 Mormon sisters Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri, Jamberry is about creating a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps. They bring to you a one-of-a-kind nail wrap that represents your very own signature and style.

They offer over 300 nail wraps in an exciting array of designs, which anyone can customize to create your very own look. No more worries about smudging your nail polish or messing it up. This has become a multi-million dollar and growing.

6) ACN

As we know, there are not that many utility companies out there that are an actual MLM. However, ACN has been a successful company for selling telecommunications and energy contracts through recruiting (MLM) for over 20 years. In fact, the year of 2013 they brought in approximately $700 million and until the 2015 GOP election started, they had Donald Trump as a spokesman. The hilarious thing now about Donald Trump is that he denies being involved with ASN….whatever right! Whatever the truth is, we’ve seen ACN evolve over time and this is what attracts them to be one of the top MLMS for 2016.

7) Kannaway

I actually love this Kannaway MLM! Absolutely great products that I truly believe in. They are truly helping thousands of ordinary people just like you and me, enabling them to help with their ailmentsin the most natural way. This excellent company gives all of us the opportunity to get back to the true history and facts on “CBD” (Cannabis without the THC).

They are growing and will remain in the Top 10 MLMs for 2016 for sure!

8) LegalShield

If one is looking for assistance in the legal field, this LegalShield MLM is still growing for the year of 2016. They are helping many with legal issues, but as far as the network marketing side of this company, many are entering in to make an online living from home.

Now, you get what you pay for. With saying that, if you are involved in a huge court case, not sure this would be the best avenue to take. But in all the other not-so-big cases, this might be the choice for you.

As an MLM, they are continuing to grow and get more members.

9) Avon

Avon is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world today. They are still one of the biggest and best MLM companies for 2016. They were founded over 126 years ago and they are and have been one of the most respected cosmetic brands that we have in the entire world.

Avon targets its audience by direct sales representatives (MLM) and their website. Avon is operated in more than 100 countries. In the recent years they have made over $10 billion dollars!

10) Tupperware

We all know the direct sales company called Tupperware. It is the name of a home products line that are into preparation, storage, serving products that are great for your kitchen/home.

Earl Tupper was the guy who first developed the container in 1942 and after six years, the products were introduced to the public. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes internationally all the products. The company is marketed by people of approximately 1.9 million direct salespeople (MLM). In 2013, the marketplace of Tupperware was Indonesia, which lowered Germany into the second position. Jakarta’s last year sales (2014) were more than $200 million with only 250,000 sales persons working for them. Amazing….

Alrighty, now if you wanna check out a sustainable non-MLM online business that can never be taken away by the FTC or shut down check out the below on how I make a huge living online anywhere in the world:

So, if you're here, then you're looking to get into one of the thousands of MLMS out there right? Maybe this is your first one or your 10th one!

Either way, read all the statistics and facts on these MLM companies, watch what our business partner, Brad, says in the video. Watch it, we know that you'll thank us later (Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk).


Quintessential Biosciences Review

Can you Truly Live Life exponentially with Q Sciences?

Q Sciences is relatively new network marketing company that was launched two years back by Daren Hogge and Marc Wilson.

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Are you looking to get into one of the thousands of MLMS? Maybe you need to get into 'another' multi-level-marketing company cuz you didn't make a dime in the first one?

So, read all the statistics and facts on these MLM companies, watch what our business partner, Brad, says in the video. Watch it, we know that you'll thank us later (Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk).


Zrii Business Review

Zrii Introduction:

Zrii is a marketing company that operates in the health and wellness niche. Bill Farley who founded the company in 2007 is also responsible for the success of companies like Gitano and Fruit of the Loom. The experience gave him the insight to establish a solid health and wellness business in the MLM industry. At the beginning, Zrii’s office was in Draper Utah but now the company has expanded to other states in USA, Colombia, Israel, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

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Well, that's a decent question to ask. Are you looking to finally make money online with an MLM? Do you believe in your heart you can make money with an MLM Network Marketing Company? The facts are that with all MLMs, only 1 to 2% of the people who did join an MLM, were making any amount of money.

Hey, if you're that good and will be in the top 2%, by all means, go for it.

Otherwise, check out what our business partner says in the below video. Be sure and watch it and then you can thank us later (Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk).

Check out more info here.


What Top MLM Network Marketing Companies Trending

Alright, let me tell you all the facts on what Top MLM Network Marketing Companies are all about.

Our multi-level-marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing money-making system is known worldwide today. In 2015, we can not argue on the fact that MLMs employee people worldwide, most in our beautiful USA.

We get hit with hundreds upon hundreds of questions regarding what is in store for the MLM network marketing industry for 2015 and beyond?

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Tupper Ware MLM Business Review Opportunity

Tupperware is the name of a home products line that are into preparation, storage, serving products that are accessible for kitchen and home, and containment.
Earl Tupper first developed the first bell shaped container in 1942 and after six year, the brand products were introduced to the market. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes internationally all the products as a whole subsidiary of its parent company Tupperware Brands. The company is marketed by means of approximately 1.9M direct salespeople on contract basis. In 2013, the marketplace of Tupperware was Indonesia, which tumbled Germany as the second position. Jakarta’s last year sales were more than $200M with only 250,000 sales persons working for them.

When it comes to global economy, women plays a vital role in enhancing the sales. This in turn, provides women and girls good opportunities to gain confidence and at the same time, helps them in achieving economic and social empowerment. From the past 60 years, Tupperware Brands has been at the forefront of the women that helps in providing confidence, tools, and creating an entrepreneurial skills that they need to build to improve their livelihood, which in turn improves the lives of those people who are around them. Found by Earl Tupper, the company believes in enlightening, empowering, and educating women and both in global direct sales and in the different communities, they serve.

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Maria Galloway and Jason Rusk here. We see you're looking to get into this MLM called LegalShield, right?

After listening to our business partner above, let us tell you we were in one of the hottest MLMS over a year ago. Made 6-figures too. We were part of the 2% that actually do make money.

But as you know 98% do not make money.

Why go to an online business with so many promises and nothing to show for it?

Well, at least read this and then check out what we have to offer you, a real online business, at the end of this informative post.

LegalShield Reviews - Legal Pre-Paid Fraud

Let's get going on this review.

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Is selling make-up or various cosmetics what you want to spend your time with making money and spending time trying to make your fortunes in this manner.  It may be a cool competitive way to earn a dime or a quarter but I want to help you trade your dimes for dollars and help you earn a more passive income.

Check out what my Job killing Mentors are doing and enjoy the successful ride myself, Maria, Brad and Dan and all the other JK members.

We will help you make the money you need or want to kill your job and spend more time with family and less time on 3 way phone calls or home meet and greets.   I along with Maria have done MLM's before and we realize the effort it takes to make the real money at the top of network marketing and we want to show you a better more lucrative way that the majority can benefit.


Check out the link for the Job Killing Mentoring Message and Phenomenal Follow up coaching.


Now time to get back to the review.

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So, you're wondering what the heck is going on with Empower Network now that's late 2015.

Name is Maria Galloway. I'm a former 1%-er in Empower Network.

No more MLMs for me again or the co-founder of this blog Jason Rusk!

I'm sure you'll understand what I'm saying once you watch the video from our business partner, Brad:




Empower Network Review Update for Oct 2015

Did you find that Brad made total sense?

Bottom line, I absolutely love the products that Empower Network sell. I learned a tremendous amount of information that's for sure.

And the famous hippie dude that was homeless in a van, David Wood, is still one of the outrageous visionaries that has ever hit the MLM industry, bar none.

However, an MLM is still an MLM and I do not agree with the entire industry as a whole.  ...continue reading

So, you're looking up reviews for any legit information on Traffic Authority, correct?

Let me enlighten you about this 'Traffic Authority' MLM.

Am I in this MLM...No.

Have I been in any MLMs.....Yes.

Have I made money in MLMs....Yep, actually made 6-figures in the last MLM I was in.

Why am I not in any MLM any longer?

I'll explain below, along with my partners, Brad & Jason.

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Are you thinking that you may want to join a Network Marketing Company, and you are positive that you have what it takes to beat the extreme odds of success?

Like be the 2-5 % of top MLM marketers that actually make money.

Instead how about you increase your odds just buy changing from Multi-level marketing to working with local companies and providing value...

This is about making more money, faster and sustainable, meaning this will go on for years, well as long as we have local businesses and the internet!

On top of that, nobody can take this away from you like the FTC does to so many MLM's...

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